Wrapped in Gingham



I’ve loved Gingham for the longest time. Plaids, checks appealed to me more than floral back then and after a brief love affair with floral, I find myself going back to loving Gingham again. And I don’t even mind the number of clothes I have in the same print, in the same color as long as the design is different. And this top – which is a wraparound top, is my current favourite as it has everything that I love – wide neckline, bows, ruffles and of course the Gingham print. To tell you the truth, I was torn between getting this top in a different pattern and a different color but I guess your personal preference comes in your way more often than you’d like and you’d succumb to it eventually. Shopping is also a test of will power I’d say. I sit for hours, comparing prints, comparing different items with a calculator in my screen before I decide to take the plunge and checkout. I just came back from a bit of a weekend spree where I spent almost 2 hours in every store trying everything that I liked until I really felt bad for the girls helping me in the store and apologised to them for my indecisiveness. But I felt they were more than happy to help me get something different that I would be happy with. I must say that today I got lucky and had someone help me decide but sometimes when I’m shopping alone – which is 90% of the time as I shop online all the time, I just let my urge decide the best for me. And with Chicwish so far, I’ve never minded a single purchase.




I also make this post in response to the questions about shipping and customs that I get asked about most of the time. I don’t go for the expedited shipping anymore because I honestly don’t like the deal with DHL India. And that’s what express shipping usually is about. DHL is extremely quick with their deliveries and yes we get the products within a week ( I have! ) but I and many others have noticed that DHL always makes one pay a large amount of custom charges in addition to the shipping fee that we’ve already paid. The Custom charges are usually low but the handling charges are what usually rips us off. It ripped me off at least. For about 4 or 5 items from one shopping website, I was paying DHL an average of Rs.2500 – Rs.4000 every shipment. It goes crazy when the original invoice price is not mentioned by the vendor. For example for my Christian Paul watch that I am wearing here, which I received as a gift from them – DHL charged me Rs.6500 in customs alone! Even when the declaration stated that it was a gift! However, shipping through a regular postal office saves me so much headache. For I received my second Christian Paul watch without a hitch when they changed the delivery system. I write this post after confirming this with a lot of people who shop online and after raising issues in forums if anyone had faced the same issue that I did with DHL. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. And have I written to DHL voicing my concerns? Yes, I did. Did it help? No, its futile. You are just wasting your energy and internet bandwidth and effort typing hoping DHL will change their policies. And I’m not against paying customs -I’ve paid custom duties even through government postal services when my shipment amount usually crosses Rs.10000/- but when it doesn’t – that’s when the custom payment notification riles me up. And I love shopping online from International websites because of the variety and unique products they have to offer. Besides they are always updated with the current trends which unfortunately is not much accessible in many stores in our respective countries. But will this stop me from shopping online from International web sites? Never. For I can say I have some really interesting items in my wardrobe and I owe it to the items at the international stores that ship to our country. However one doesn’t always have to pay customs for every product you purchase. As I wrote earlier, it depends on the value of the products that you buy. I’ve purchased products upto 6 tops from one website which is comparatively of low value and I’ve not had to pay customs. However importing luxury items etc definitely means we need to pay the customs because of the price difference in different countries. But I personally haven’t ordered any luxury item online yet.



I’m wearing:

Echo Wrapped Top in Gingham: Chicwish [ shop here ]

Watch: Christian Paul – 43MM The Strand Luxe [ shop here ]

Necklace: Swarovski

Culottes: NiHao Fashion

Lace Heels: John Galliano

Sunglasses: Giant Vintage

Location Courtesy: Courtyard Marriott, Bangalore

Getting back to this look, I find this top extremely versatile and though I wear it often with denims and even sometimes with a skirt, I decided to pair it with my culottes in this post as I felt this look was much relaxed and comfortable and chic than pairing it with skinny denims. However I find myself pairing it with my skinny denims and flats more than often (on repeat I’d like to add). This top is so convenient to me because I can adjust the waist as and how I like it and it comes handy in so many scenarios. Besides looking good I’d say! The drama added to this outfit with the ruffled sleeves and the bow knot makes me believe this top is definitely a head turner for any kind of occasion and I like it immensely. However I wore this look before our evening date at BG’s a Resto-bar at Courtyard Marriott who hosted us in their property some days ago and I must say that this look was a good choice to handle all the mouthwatering dishes and palate cleansing cocktails that followed after this shoot. I meant in terms of adjusting the waistline of the top of course.

Hope you enjoyed this entry!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • You look stunning. I do love that top especially the black and white check design, it’s so totally unique and the pants are a perfect fit to the whole ensemble

  • You look gorgeous as always! love your blog and love you too <3

  • Eva Lutz

    Dear Nilu! I am always fascinated how you can change up your looks and they are always on point! This is a very elegant, classy look and I really also like the location how you set everything in place and it comes together in the pictures! Very lovely! I was also so happy to read your comment about the Microblading. I can only recommend this when it is done by a pro. Have a great week! x Eva http://nicovabeauty.com/

  • idu

    That sucks about DHL India. They pretty much stick to time here. I love your top and your pics are ALWAYS breathtaking. Happy new month beautiful.


  • Kamila

    You look wonderful, great styling and cool high heels.
    Share your designs on my blog.
    Greetings and welcome to me.

  • Aya

    Very nice look, super classy and the gingham is what gives it the classy vibe !! I love the blouse, so different and has a very nice style 🙂


  • Adventuremeetsdesigner

    you look absoluetly gorg in this outfit, love how you styled the top!
    btw, thats quite alot for shipping cost, shopping postage can be alot of hassle sometimes,

  • Wow, that’s a lot to pay in shipping for your orders sis. I like that you’re still enthusiastic over shopping globally, heheh. What can I say about this look I haven’t said already or in various forms – What I like mostly that got me to look at this outfit many, many times is your gorgeous gingham blouse, your new blonde hair, your lip color and the dainty shoes! Like you said, that top is one strong versatile piece and I totally GET why you got it! And heheh, I like that statement at the end you made about it being perfect for the feast you had at Courtyard Marriot! Aren’t women’s clothing the best ever? I mean, guys can’t wear tops like this to hide the bloat tastefully, LOL 😀

  • Allie Mackin

    Ah yes your post illustrates how over whelming shopping can be, or at least for clothes. And yep shopping online has some major challenges which is why I don’t do it all that much. But that said I LOVE this top both the cut and the pattern I really need to get a top like this. And thanks for being such an inspiration : )

    Allie of ALLIENYC


  • Pallawi Jain

    Loved this post, thanks for posting all this information. This top is really beautiful and you are right that international websites sell clothing which is currently in trend. Enjoyed all the beautiful pictures.

  • I thought you were wearing this with a skirt! Usually a top like this I would pair it with jeans but you are really pulling it off so well with the culottes! Looks fantastic. I have been following you on Instagram for a long time – so glad I finally made it to your blog!


  • love this top 🙂 you look stunning as always!

  • T.

    v cool top! xx


  • Nilu, this top is really pretty, I like the design and style.. wrap tops are sexy and stylish… Like you said, you can wear this with a great skirt and then wear with jeans… it would look awesome both ways xox

    I totally understand how busy you have been, it’s good to a do a few things for yourself… I am glad to see you posting a little more xox

  • handry flores floresha

    OMG you´re so hot and cute at same time. Love the outfit, dear. Bomber jacket

  • Аmazing outfit! Chic blouse!
    Have a good Sunday!