White Haze


If I write that the US trip was the best trip I’ve made this year, I would be hiding a secret. I’d actually gone for a little getaway during the BHLM’s fifth year blog anniversary to Evolve Back Resorts in Kabini which undoubtedly was one of the best getaway I’ve probably had this year. I cannot really point a finger at what made the trip memorable. Maybe it is the beauty of the resort, the hospitality of the place or just the occasion. It was perfect.

Since completing half a decade in the blogosphere meant a lot to me and my partner Sanglyan, we decided to go with a formal dress code for the occasion, decided to not carry our work to this trip and to actually enjoy the place without any social media sharing. But I guess the Blogger in me couldn’t refrain from taking a few pictures here and there and while we did stay away from social media for that entire weekend, soaking in the surrounding and actually enjoying things without a gadget, we did take a couple of pictures ( mine mostly) to document our stay at Evolve Back Resorts. And this is one of the looks I wore to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of BHLM.

As you may know by now, I have grown to become quite fond of Chicwish, a brand that I wear frequently and have been wearing for the last couple of years. I now have a burgeoning wardrobe thanks to all the unique pieces I’ve managed to collect over the years from Chicwish. This dress [ shop here ] is no exception. I wanted something which is clean and simple and something which caters to my liking for midi dresses and off-shoulder outfits. I love the cut in this dress, that is primarily the feature that makes this dress stand out for me besides the obvious simplicity of the dress. For to me, this dress spells class with a hint of sassiness as is obvious from the slit in the front. Which by the way isn’t too revealing but I want clothes that don’t make me feel like I’m about to visit the Queen. 


I’m wearing:

Dress: Chicwish | shop HERE

Flats: Koovs

Earrings: Outhouse Jewellery

Watch: CLUSE watches

Makeup: MAC lip tint

I feel so better today writing a post after almost a month but I’ve been super active on Instagram documenting my US travelogue and if you haven’t seen my posts yet, I hope you check our account at @bighairloudmouth and I have so many things, so many stories to share with you on the upcoming blog posts. I hope you check this space often.


Have an amazing day!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Hahah, that statement about you wearing clothes that are not for visiting the Queen is very funny. I must say I look forward to all of your upcoming blog posts! I’m sure you have tons and I also take this opportunity to wish BHLM team a happy BIG 5! This dress looks so very graceful on you and those shoes are so very minimalistic, I love them on you! And, your hair, that wet look is on point, I did leave my hair to air-dry like this today, and then it became quite huge but I don’t know why I’m telling you now here. #lol Stay creative, my sassy sister!! <3 xoxo

  • Congrats on the 5 years Nilu! 😀 this place looks surreal and I am really looking forward to more pictures from there. 🙂


  • The dress is perfect Nilu and congratulations on completing 5 years of blogging! The location looks enthralling indeed! Thank you for sharing. <3

  • Tamara Chloé

    Happy blog anniversary Nilu! This trip looks like heaven and the dress is perfect for the occasion.
    You look gorgeous in these shots! <3

    xx Tamara Chloé