A post that shows all my passion combined. That’s exactly how I would describe this post. Content creation is the best thing that I have ever chosen to do in my life. It gives me such immense pleasure working on a post content, while also leaving me with goosebumps everytime I publish a post, to check how everyone would react to my post – which I also call a presentation of my work.

Now my blog has become a portfolio that embraces my dreams, my passions, my visions and collectively presents to you all that is dear to me. The things that makes me enjoy and cherish life. And nothing makes me enjoy my life more that presenting to you with a content that is different from the previous one. I have no qualms about shooting in the sweltering heat or the blistering cold, or about working on the content plan and writing for hours, as long as it means putting forth a work that I’m proud to present to you.  And I’m not looking for acceptance either. I know you either like it or you don’t – but for the last 4 years, I’ve been all about putting  different types of content on BHLM that I must say – gives me an adrenaline rush everytime I hit the Publish button.






I love blogging. I love being the visual storyteller, I love narrating bits and pieces of my life to anyone reading it. I’m a dreamer, I visualise a scenario in my mind and I try my level best to bring it alive through my posts. It doesn’t matter what time of the day I need to shoot, how many hours of retake it takes to get that perfect shot. Nothing matters at all, as long as I get what I have envisioned. And having said that, I also want to ensure that my outfits always match the theme. If you are a blogger, you know what I’m talking about – the joy of merging a good location with the outfits that you had saved for something that had been playing in your head for sometime. Truth is, Orange County Resorts served as the best location I could have dreamed of for my shoots. When I reached the location in Hampi, I must say that the inside my head was quickly trying to process all the outfits I wanted to shoot and allocating locations to the outfits I carried with me to the trip. And most importantly I have Sanglyan to Thank. Thank him for his everlasting support and believing in any step that I take, besides giving content creating for BHLM his best no matter what conditions we are shooting at.


I’m wearing:

Boho Ease Embroidered Maxi Dress: Chicwish [ same here]

Anushka Knit Ankle Boot With Wooden Heel In Burnt Orange: Ego Official [ Same here ]

Cape: Taia Official

Mini Cross Body Bag: FURLA

Location Courtesy: Orange County Resorts , Hampi

Photography: Lal Sanglyan @teambhlm

Let me narrate how this shoot went – We shot around 4pm, after completing x number of shoots in different locations and I will say that we were not only tired from the blistering heat of almost 42 degree celsius but also really sweaty. As opposed to all the fancy glamorous life one thinks we bloggers lead, the truth can be quite the opposite. In this post, we decided to post pics with as less digital manipulation as possible. After all, what I want to blog about is my favourite set of clothes and my styling, set against a breathtaking location. And we were sweating! However compact powder came to my rescue. After all isn’t that what happens when you are shooting in the heat? But hey! I’m not complaining at all. For it was only because of the condition under which we shot this post, that this post has a personality.

If you ask me, I love this post. This post is made with so much love, passion, sweat (literally) and so much desire to bring forth the beauty we were witnessing that day. And with that in mind, I pass the ball onto your court. Any opinion is welcome.


Nilu Yuleena


  • Dear Nilu, your passion for blogging is what makes the outcome of your work so outstanding. You are stylish, fearless, and genuinely beautiful.
    Thanks to sharing this nice lovely post kurtis-wholesaler.
    I love your post.

  • Dear Nilu, your passion for blogging is what makes the outcome of your work so outstanding. You are stylish, fearless, and genuinely beautiful. I love this editorial, both the text and the photography. I always knew you would become a superstar. Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Sis, you know how I’ve always been excited seeing your posts. I still do, even though I’ve been a little busy but I know when I come here I’m prepared to be impressed. And after a long while….. you know I can’t stay away. Hehe. With the space between the last post I visited and this new post, I can feel your renewed sence of excitement bubbling in this entry! It is that palpable!. The only thing that I’d change in this OOTD would be the shoes as I can see you wearing a strappy sandal that’s casual and perhaps also practical since you said you were sweating! But then again, I do love those ankle boots as they perfectly GO with this boho outfit. Omg, sis, I don’t mean to make a long paragraph hahahah. Anyway, just wanna tell you that whatever you do, you always do your best and you inspire me in a major way <3 #NiluisBawse

  • I can tell that you love being the visual story teller! Your photos are amazing! And I also think that you are such an inspiration too 🙂


  • Blogging requires a lot of passion and hardwork. You write so frankly that I cannot help but relate to your words. Some days I shoot at 3 p.m. in the blazing sun just to get the right shot and I love doing it.
    The pictures are beautiful. And I hope you have been great!

  • idu

    I love this post too. What we bloggers have to go through to keep these posts coming. I like to shoot early before the sun gets too hot. Last weekend I was on location at 7am but I can’t complain cos I enjoy it. I love this resort and look!


  • James Johnson

    So love your color ideas! Amazing!!!!

  • You look like a goddess my friend! This burnt orange looks amazing on you! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Manjusha

    “And im not looking for acceptenc either”… so true.proud of ur work

  • I think as long as you accept who you are, you don’t have to seek it elsewhere. You look amazing in these photos. Red is bold and a passionate color and you are exuding that here. I love content writing too! 😀

    • Dear Lux! You’ve always been an ardent supporter and because of beautiful souls like you, I get the courage to do what I do! I cannot Thank you enough <3

  • Looking good mama. Loving your hair color too. Keep being you dear.



  • Anusha Kondapaturi

    The pictures are mind blowing and I love everything about your post! Amazing as always!! 🙂

  • Surbhi Sethi

    The images are breathtaking as always Nilu. Also, really enjoyed reading this post. I can so relate!
    Love x

    • Thank you for visiting this space Surbhi! As a fellow content creator, I’m so glad we are on the same space! Love your content too as always <3