The Sailor Man




One collaboration that I’ve been super excited about is the ONLYxPopeye collaboration. The reason is pretty evident, I’ve always been a big fan of Popeye! He’s probably one character that induced something healthy in me as a child and convinced me that if I got strong if ate Spinach. Pretty healthy propoganda back then especially when as a child, we believed in everything we saw in our favourite TV cartoons.  When I first saw this collection preview in January, I was so excited and I was literally humming the Popeye Theme song to myself. This hoodie was the first item I saw from the collection and I didn’t even think twice about choosing the other pieces as this piece to me was love at first sight! Right now I’m typing this from a cold place where I’ve been able to style this hoodie in more ways than I thought possible. Layering this hoodie to flaunt the Popeye adds so much fun to my overall look. While this images were shot when I was still in Bangalore, I won’t deny that I’ve been layering this hoodie with coats, and even wearing it inside sweater while taking the hood out to make my look more fun! 
This collection hits the stores from today but pre-order started from the 4th of February on . This collection is so much fun and like every other ONLY and Disney collection, this collection items don’t fail to disappoint. I’m sure most of you have seen me repeat my ONLYxMickey, ONLYxDonald, ONLYxGarfield collection repeatedly and I’m going to add a disclaimer that I’ll be repeating this one a LOT too! There is something so cool and fun about the collection that somehow resonates with my style perfectly and considering the kind of person that I am, I often find myself reaching out for these collection pieces more often than I wear tops from other labels. And it has a feel good factor to it that I cannot describe. Maybe if you are someone who owns some items from the previous ONLY Disney pieces then you would understand what I’m writing here. This hoodie to me is just perfect! I loved how the mannequin was styled during the collection preview and I decided to style a cartoon character and shoot in a setting which is a little less conventional to me. Something I don’t do very often. Which led me to plan this one around anywhere but cafes and streets and style it with boyfriend denims from ONLY again, considering I rarely wear boyfriend denims. And I loved the outcome! Taking a break from the skinny jeans or the mom denims I wear very frequently, this styling took me back to the time when I used to wear only boyfriend denims and loose tops! And talking about my younger days, I styled this top yesterday in exactly the same ways as in these pictures, while hanging out with my old friends and we all decided how good this hoodie looks. If this wasn’t a girl’s hoodie I have come to the conclusion that my guy friends would have taken it from me! But you get the gist don’t you!  This one is adorable and if it came in different colors, I wouldn’t mind collecting even 5-6 of these! 



I’m wearing:

Hoodie: ONLYxPOPEYE collection

Boyfriend Denims: ONLY

Boots: Ego UK Official

Watch: Seiko

I hope you enjoyed this entry and liked this look as much as I loved the feeling in them!


Have an amazing day!


Nilu Yuleena.