The Raw Edge


I’ve always been attracted to mean looking clothes. And by that I mean clothes that let me unravel the meaner, raw version of me. I dress according to my moods as I feel that is the best way to express myself – via my clothing. If you have been following our work for sometime, you may have realised that I go for bolder clothes always. But I wasn’t always like this. I used to be a timid person at one point of my life. A little more about me – I came from a middle class family, joined an English school from a local school at class 3, I didn’t study Class 2 as I was promoted directly from class 1 to 3, I was the youngest in my class and youngest to pass ICSE from my school then. I was 13 then. So when I joined St.Joseph’s Convent directly in Class 3, I didn’t how to speak in English, I couldn’t communicate with anyone at all as we were fined for speaking in Nepali. It took me a long time, years infact, to make friends in school and I guess I grew up an introvert.

ย I guess I just got so fed up feeling sorry for myself that I decided to literally break free and demand and own everything around me. Would you believe me if I say that when I find things go wrong around me, when things feel like they are going haywire – I just keep mumbling to myself that I can do it. This is something that was inculcated in me by a not so favourite principal in my school but no matter how I felt she was when I was a kid, she somehow managed to hammer this thought in me and I can’t believe how helpful this mantra has been.

So I started smoking, drinking from a very young age ( I will not encourage it, if youngsters are reading this) . I started becoming rebellious. I stopped listening to my parents. Finally my parents must have got fed up and sent me to Bangalore as I really wanted to study here and I promised to do Engineering like my father wanted, if he sent me here. And being away from home made me realise my responsibilities, made me find friends who mentored me, made me more matured. And I must say I got lucky when I came to Bangalore. For had I not found such great friends in Bangalore, I may have been lost. And I changed.

And that change is exactly the transition you see in all my styles. I don’t have to enact any style at all, I’ve been through such different phases in life that every style I wear has always been my style. And I love how my past and present makes my styling versatile. I embrace my past as I embrace my present and I’m ready to be more in the future.

This look to me is more of the Feisty version of me. Reminded me of the rebellious time I wrote about and wearing my favourite pieces just the way I wanted to. Biker jackets somehow reaches out to my soul. I have a collection of them in all possible colors, embroidered, non embroidered, printed yet I can never get enough of them! And I guess no one ever says no to a Sweatshirt. I also want to highlight why I chose to wear these pants with my look. If you are someone who sees my Snapchat ( pretty boring even in my standards) I’m addicted to jogger pants. I literally wear them everyday and this pants was a mix of jogger pants and cigarette pants without the tapering at the ankle. TBH, I never say no to anything with a drawstring!


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I have to give my special thanks to Shyam from The Style Mirror for recommending this place to me, I’ve always loved Bikes (Cruiser than Sports)ย  and The Garage Cafe in HSR, Bangalore was perfect to feast my eyes on some mean looking customised bikes. Also I think everything about this shoot was meant to be, the location, the clothes, all unplanned but Good things do happen! And I can safely say that the I can do it mantra in this case can be written as I did it!


Hope you like this look!


Stay awesome always!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • I like this look Nilu… it’s edgy and you pull it off so great xox… I think we all rebel as teenagers… some more than others but it’s a part of growing up. I often wish I hadn’t been so hard headed but then I wouldn’t be who I was today and you would not be the strong women you are today… I admire you Nilu xox

  • Nilu, I went gaga over this outfit and the shoot concept. You already know how I love your creative raw edge in every aspect and learning how you grew up as an introvert and was inspired by your teacher to keep going with the mantra you mumbled when things go haywire made me adore you even more. I just love your feistiness and you know what, how you persevere no matter what. I love your hairstyle by the way! It reminded me of the more rebellious version of Yuna’s hair from Final Fantasy. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Anusha Kondapaturi

    Loved the post Nilu! You mentioned that you are an introvert and I feel writing gives you that freedom to write your heart out. I am an introvert too. And I am an introvert too. I think coming from a small town and figuring things in a big city like Bangalore turns you into a stronger and a better person. I have had my ups and downs too but the downs really helped me grow up and think Big. ๐Ÿ™‚ Loads of love ๐Ÿ’•

  • Kritika Jaiswal

    I can totally relate to your post. I feel we all go through that one weird phase when everything is distorted and we quit. But then the sun rises one day and we take steps to change. This post was really motivating.
    P.S.- You look ravishing in the outfit.