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“How do you maintain your hair after changing the hair colour so frequently ?” is probably the question I get asked the most. And I reply I maintain my hair with hair therapy, hair spas, using good shampoos and Conditioners and masks.  But let me tell you that while all these helps keep my hair supple, the texture is indeed affected everytime I have chemicals deposited to my hair strands. The good thing is – my hair is extremely textured, thick and voluminous. The downside is after bleaching 8 times over a period of 3 months, my hair close to resembled a frizzy broomstick. And it isn’t humorous at all. There is a price we pay for everything we want. It comes in the form of hardwork, or in the form of a sacrifice. You can see the difference in the blonde shades here and how dead the hair looked.


So one fine day, I sat with a team of experts in Bounce Salon Bangalore and believe it or not we decide the course of action for my hair for one quarter in advance. Like for instance, my hairstylist refuses to shave my hair and and trim the bottom because she knows how weak my resolve is to grow my hair long and how I complain about wanting to have a bob again. So at the moment we are emphasising on strengthening the hair, growing the locks and experimenting again. Now if you look at the pictures above, would you have any hopes of getting the life back on the strands? I’m sure you wouldn’t for neither did I. And then Olaplex happened. And now you can see the condition of the same hair without any edits, straight from the camera that shows how my hair is now, the same hair without trimming that looked so lifeless some months ago. No more frizz and healthier!

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Now how do you suppose we regained the life and I’m still able to colour my hair so many times? Its simple actually, my hairstylist just adds Olaplex to the hairdye during application! Now Olaplex is a revolutionary product. I’m not advertising the product so please don’t get me wrong. I can just say that without Olaplex added to my haircolour during application, I would probably end up looking electrocuted all the time, or just become bald by now. I met a team of Olaplex experts from LA , Jordan and Rebecca who experiment so much with hair colour that my level of experimentation faded in comparison to how they changed their hair colour! Now Rebecca with her pink hair amazed me, she achieved that pink hair colour from the deepest of blonde shade (her natural haircolour) in one setting. And after experimenting so much with shades, I’ve an idea that it is not possible unless you want to severely compromise with the texture of your hair, which I did some months ago. And you know what has happened to me post meeting Jordan and Rebecca at the Olaplex launch event in Bounce? I’ve become a convert and these two superstars have inspired me to try more and more hair colours.

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Olaplex at Bounce Salons- Bangalore -10


Olaplex comes in three bottles. No.1 is added to the hair dye while No.2 is applied post rinsing the hair dye. No.3 is the bottle I use at home as a treatment. Since I undergo a hair colour change every month or almost every two weeks if I feel frisky, this is a revolutionary wonder product to me. I want to experiment and I don’t want even the natural process of weakening hair to stop me from achieving the colour I want. It sounds crazy, but when there are products like Olaplex, it gives me the free reign to experiment and achieve any colour I want while still maintaining the texture and strength of my hair. And having said that, I’m about to go for another hair colour change after I post this blog! I had to make this post because Olaplex makes me hopeful, makes me happy to be able to experiment more and the more I experiment, the more I feel happy and alive! And I cannot thank my favourite salon in the world Bounce for bringing this revolutionary product to India!

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Hope you enjoyed this entry and I cannot wait to experiment today and share my new hair colour with you on my Facebook and Instagram!


Nilu Yuleena

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