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When you are an artist, the world becomes your canvas.

As I write this post, listening to Pink Floyd, trying to get into the mind of the artists that made these art work, marvelling at the sheer brilliance of their work – I cannot yet fathom what is “that thing” that runs inside the heads of these talented souls. I wonder if their ideas are seeded from a personal experience, hallucination or maybe even a song. I have stared at this artwork, before posting it here, for so many hours that every time I look at one art work there is always something different I see and something new that I feel I was able to decipher. For someone like me who’s not much of a minimalist as is quite obvious by my choice of apparel and the work I project, I felt at times I could relate to these artwork and deduce my own conclusions at what could each art-form possibly mean. They say every artist hides a clue in their artwork and yet hours of starting at these graffiti art only make me come to different set of conclusions every time.



While I hum along to the old classic tunes of Pink Floyd, I’m pretty much comfortably numb. Pun aside, I suppose I’m just captivated by how magnificently a human mind works and I somehow find comfort looking at these art work which at the moment – I feel represents what’s inside my mind. I’ve always felt that I have a weakness that prevents me from focussing on one thing and my mind is always thinking of multiple things all the time. And while I started working on this set of images, there came a point when I just stopped working, literally, and I observed the artwork more carefully. I must admit that what I see pleases me tremendously. That is, if you put out the model out of the graffiti. For I honestly don’t enjoy looking at my pictures much.




I’m pretty happy that St+Art Foundation when they came to Bangalore, brought out some of the best artists that we had in the city and also introduced us to some talented folks from other places. Had this non profit organisation not chanced upon our city, rather our country, I would never have imagined about the work of such marvellous artists ever. And after seeing how the work has been done, I would love to get to know them personally. Just to sit and talk. For I believe the experience will be very different. I’ve always noticed a common eccentricity amongst really talented individuals I literally worship and I have always felt that their aura is so different and that’s what sets them apart. I guess its their mind.

I have been checking the progress of each art since they started in October and after wanting to do this for so long, today I’ve finally managed to blog about how creative minds put together bring out the best of everything.  A dirty underpass, a sidewalk, a plain Metro Station will never look the same again and it’s all owing to the mind eye of these artists that have brought forth so much beauty to our city. And having said that, I suggest you check out this site for more fascinating work done in the other cities, for what we are witnessing now is the power of one’s imagination to bring something into life.


Hope you enjoyed this entry.


Nilu Yuleena.

Behind the scenes Vlog:


  • Nishita

    I have been seeing these murals crop up in different places, and they are all so beautiful. Love these shots of you taken against these backdrops.

  • This is very beautiful.

  • Adventuremeetsdesigner

    its truely amazing how the human mind works, so many things on the inside and to think we havent used more than one tenth is even more scary, love all the artworks am such a fan and your outfits are super cute.!

  • Sooae Lee

    oh my godddd the black lace!!! love that outfit u are so pretty! xO!


  • Isn’t it amazing how talented people are from the arts to musicians and writers… there are so many creative things to do. I am in awe of others who have these qualities, I really respect them a great deal, we all have something we are good at and we need to appreciate other peoples talents too xox

    • Agreed Launna! I have always felt that you have a gift for writing and you are so fine at it! I still am failing a lot at being able to express myself with words and I am stil taking the time to read books that will help me in expressing myself the way I want to with the right choice of words.

  • What a refreshing post this one was. I loved the way you related your love for the creative art-makers and also the way your mind worked to understand their expressions. These graffiti art works are so very beautiful and I like getting lost in the colors and forms. Last month, out of the blue I googled the word ‘blues’ because I was feeling a bit down, due to that time of the month (lol!) and I stumbled upon Picasso’s work of art called the Blue Period that was not popular during his time as it depicted a very mellow down-in-the-dump vibes. But wow, in that moment, when I was looking at the paintings, I just felt them utterly comforted even though the subject matter wasn’t uplifting. Anyway, what I wanted to say was there is something therapeutic of these visual art forms. The three outfits you wore for the shoot – I love all of them as I can see how you made them yours by mixing edge with femininity. Thank you for this inspiring post, Nilu babe!! Love you sis <3 xoxo

    • Shanaz I must write I find comfort in reading your comments too. I agree when you write that these art forms have a therapeutic effect and you know I just wonder how can people imagine so much. But well that’s what they are gifted with. Thank you for visiting this space sis. I’ve been a little out of the blogs the last couple of weeks as I’ve been working on learning how to edit videos ( from the scratch) and managed to make 3 videos in that space haha.

      • Oh my! Then I must check those videos out! How exciting it is to know that you’re expanding your creativity as a style artist to include video formats, sis!! Will go stalk you on YouTube, hehe. Thank you for your sweet words, I always appreciate your support, sis!! <3 <3 <3

  • This is soooo amazing!!!

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