Summer Plans


This look has been a very planned one. Ironically from the time I tried them both in the trial room. I have the habit of shopping online so much that I get really confused when it comes to trying to many things that I see and feel in front of me. I guess that’s what you get for getting cooped up in front of the system for hours, with multitudes of clothing websites opened in front of you. And there is seldom anything that I like when I actually try the clothes on the trial room! I either don’t like the color, the fit or just how I look in something that looks super nice on a mannequin. I guess since I can be choosy on stores, my mind decides to be very obstinate.



I always take about a dozen clothes at one go, to a trial room which does a good job in getting me more confused. And after I’ve tried all the clothes,  I just walk out without getting anything and this happens most of the times ( I mean majorly almost everytime) . And sometimes I regret later for

1. Either not picking it up or,

2. Getting disappointed for wasting time and not finding anything suitable.


Well, last week wasn’t like those futile store-shopping days. I’d actually gone to get the things that I’d regretted for not buying the previous time, and again out of habit put a dozen more clothes into my shopping bag. And when I tried them, this time,  I loved them so much, which is pretty surprising! I actually picked up most of the clothes that I’d thought I would try as a backup – You know just to see if incase it looks good. And I felt so good in the trial room that I did not want to remove the clothes. Well please don’t judge my shopping habits. I’m indecisive when it comes to shopping in stores and very very choosy. But sometimes you just know when you just feel so good in something that you just know you need to have.

Also, I have this really bad habit of taking pictures in the trial room and sending it to Sanglyan who HAS to reply no matter which corner of the world he is at. Else I panic and later pout at him for hours. So whether he is in a meeting or driving or doing anything I just need to get an opinion of how he thinks I look from all the clothes that I’ve shortlisted. ASAP. Sometimes I feel he says I look bad just to make me stop spending but when someone says you don’t look good and not even okay, it kind of makes you rethink when you are already in a dilemma.  But this time I honestly I didn’t feel like bothering him because knowing him I knew he would start comparing this shirt to my pajama top.



I’m wearing:

Top: Forever 21

Belt and Bag: Gucci

Heels: Monrow Shoes

Glasses: Giant Vintage

Earrings and Necklace: Swarovski

Watch: Christian Paul Watches


I suppose this summers I’ll be wearing a lot of wide leg Ankle length denims instead of skinny denims because the heat is just getting terrible and somehow I love the old 80’s vibe I get from these wide legged pants. This look combines my love for high waisted pants and straight fir denims and I’d add that they aren’t really loose to be called culottes. Also as I mentioned in my earlier post, I love light fabric tops lately, in comparison to body hugging tops, which allow my body to breathe and I suppose I’ll be wearing more clothes like this in the days to come. Actually I am wearing one in a few hours when I go to color my hair back to grey. I guess to me summer is going to be all about cool toned hair and loose outfits. Let’s see. I cannot trust my indecisive mind. Not just yet.


Have a great day!


Nilu Yuleena.


  • Vishal Dixit

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  • Sooae Lee

    NILU!!!! OMG!!! UR HAIR!!! YOU DID IT AGAIN>>>> I AM OBSESSED. your whole look is so sick. i love your blush blouse with that gucci purse so perfect!. u are so stunning.


  • Love the look Nilu! Hope you are enjoying Hampi!


  • WOW, thats simply stunning. the outfit you are wearing is an innovative one, and cool, thanks for posting

  • Absolutely love it, the style, the location, Looks like ONLY has an amazing collection and I need to check them out asap, m specially in love with those heels.

  • It’s been a long time since I actually shopped in physical stores. It’s always online.
    This is indeed a well put together outfit. Nice!

  • I like the wide leg cut to the jeans or any pants… I think they are flattering and I really adore the shirt, it’s a great color and I like how unique it is… I like different xox

  • Hahaha, thank you for making me laugh sis, your Sanglyan story part was so fun to read. I love, love this top! And I think women, in general will give you a thumbs-up. (Some) Men will get confused as like you said, they’ll quickly think of it as a pajama top. I really think it’s cute that you get your partner involved in your outfit choices…I tried to do it with mom and since I’m quite the control freak, plus we have different tastes in dressing, she will give her opinions but rarely. There was one time I had an outfit on which she said was ugly and I agreed. Gotta love moms’ honesty and I did not pout LOL. Sis, I wish you a very fabulous week ahead! Muahhh!!