Setting it Right


My 2018 seems to be starting like a wave. While the initial days of 2018 started with great news of upcoming work, a possibility of a small vacation with Sanglyan to prep the mind and soul, I can’t write I can type the same right now. To begin with I’m cancelling and have cancelled majority of my travels slotted for January. The reason being – My disfiguring Spine issue.

I did suffer from mild back pain for which the blame always went to my towering heels which by the way I can work comfortably in. It was not so frequent and I could handle it. I used to think that maybe the late twenties is catching up with me. But who was I kidding! My house currently doesn’t even have a single straight chair because I wanted to transform my house into a cozy space than convert it into a contemporary space. Enter Recliners and sofas with big pillows. But little did I know that not sitting straight could be so detrimental to the spine health. Last week my back pain intensified to the point I could just not lie down to sleep and once I did, the pain was so severe that I could not move my body. I thought it was again just those one of cases when I probably wore heels for a prolonged time or lifted weights in the gym with a poor posture,  but over the course of days, my pain intensified and I could no longer stand straight, twist my body, squat or bending. I felt like my spine was literally breaking and I decided it was time to consult a specialist after all. I googled spine specialists in Bangalore before deciding on the one I’m going to at the moment. I usually feel I have a high threshold for pain, considering I loved how my body ached after a good workout but this pain in particular, was horrible.



My diagnosis made me realise I’ve had a poor posture for so long that the arch of my spine was changing into a straight shape. Basically means my spine arch isn’t as pronounced as most of yours. That’s because I don’t sit straight apparently, and I bend down so much while working from a table that my shoulders were becoming hunched. You know these small things didn’t matter much but when I got to know that 50% of my left side muscles supporting my spine wasn’t working and that my muscle stability ( both left and right side that supports the spine) was off the charts ( we conducted a full spine analysis) did I realise how much my health had deteriorated. I took things for granted again. Though my condition isn’t as much severe as many others, I still could have avoided it. According to the doctor, I would now need at-least 2 months of therapy exercises ( 4 times minimum a week) to activate my non functional muscles. And I guess for now I can kiss my dream of my version of Bikini body, by my birthday in March, goodbye because I cannot work out in the gym for me for sometime now for fear I may do something to my posture again. And I’ll also have to hold off any travel plans until my muscles start responding and working normally. My case is that of a bulging disc, which are cushions placed in the spine that has swollen from overuse. Since my muscles have failed to take my body load, the pressure of the discs have now fallen onto the nerves which at the moment seem to be supporting my body while giving me so much pain.

Anyways on a good note, if you do suffer from back aches sometimes, the cobra pose also known as Bhujangasana in Yoga is very good. That is the first exercise we are using to relax my swollen discs and while I felt earlier that the Surya-Namaskar was too much stretching for early in the morning, I now realise how good it is for the back. Since I can’t do a straight Cobra move in my current condition, we are doing it in a C posture now, with my hips inclined towards my right and I stretch my legs towards my right as a C, as my disc is apparently pushed towards my left side which prevents me from doing a Cobra posture perfectly. I’ve decided to now take up Yoga in the morning starting from this week and will be giving weights and HIIT a break for sometime. Also I’ve been advised to walk and stretch my back every 30 mins I sit and work to avoid giving stress to my back. So these are all I can tell you from my week of recuperation. Complete bed rest to allow my back to heal, no working in table for long hours, taking optimum break to stretch my back, therapy exercises every 2 hours at home is what I’ve been advised to eliminate the pain before working on my spine shape correction.

I’m wearing:

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F21 High Rise denims

Splash Turtleneck top

Tory Burch bag

GUCCI Marmont GG Block heel

However on a good note, proper rest and regular therapy is going to ensure that I heal fast and honestly while I’m a bit disappointed at not being able to do things the way I want, travel like I originally intended, I plan to make vlogs from home while I recuperate, work with a few beauty looks, experiment with makeup and hairstyles and learn more in that department. I have my hands on things pretty exciting and I can wait to reveal them to you soon!

Thank you for visiting today and have an amazing week ahead!



  • Sis, I’m sorry to hear about your spine health. I hope you are taking loads of breaks in between your work and when you work, please do so with the right posture that helps with the healing. I remember having a similar back issue that prompted me to take a good look at my posture and I must say that once I changed my posture along with changing how I sit when I’m working, my spine is now better than ever. The Cobra yoga pose also helps as well as some other posture-correcting moves. You look beautiful in the photos sis, I really love the chunky knit and the turtleneck top, super comfy! <3 🙂