Did I write before that I used to be a tomboy?

I probably did like in 30% of my post.

I did change my style over the years and started wearing a lot of dresses and skirts but I think there is a core part of you that never changes. A part of you that, no matter how much you change, still refuses to be a part of the change. Like my love for clothing which are slightly on the tomboyish side that I try to subside within me. But then it sometimes resurfaces and I’ve decided to make it a part of my style, embracing the style of the younger version of me with the current me and that probably culminates into a style many may think as Tomboyish but either way, this is just my style.

When I ordered this shirt, probably being drawn to the print of course, I didn’t expect it to be on the loose side as I was pretty captivated by the style to pay attention to the fittings. When I received it, my initial response was that I had to get it altered to fit me so that it didn’t look big. But then trying it on me brought back those old feelings of wearing oversized shirts where everything feels so breathable. That feeling you get when you know you can overstuff yourself with all those sumptuous food when going for a feast without really bothering about a tummy bloat. Well I used to hog a lot as a teenager and I was always comfortable probably because I wore something that never exposed my waist line. I didn’t really care about how feminine I looked then but now that I do, and since I happened to get my hands on this oversized shirt, I decided to wear one again – without any alteration, just to get that old tomboyish feeling. And I did. That was when I realised some suppressed parts of you never really die. One may try to hide it, change it and try to not think about it but when you are face to face with it, it just resurfaces like it was never hid. And so, this look happened. Except that I tried to add a little bit of my current self through a high waist straight legged denims that cinches my waist making me feel better ( The mature version of me loves any outfit that cinches the waist ) and added these heels that neither look very dainty and I felt it went pretty well to not tilt this look into the androgynous section.

I’m wearing:

Top/ Shirt: Chicwish [ shop here ]

Belt: Gucci

Denims: Forever 21

Heels: Zara

Bag: Gucci Dionysus

However, I don’t think I’ll be repeating this look again. But I’ll probably be styling this shirt to create chic looks which I feel much better in at my current state. No posing with wide legs either but sometimes change does feel good. And for this brief moment that I was posing for this shoot, I felt that I kind of re-lived those days when I tried to act like a boy with my brothers and cousins. Just that now I’m supremely comfortable wearing heels and carrying a handbag I cannot do without. I write this because until I started BHLM, I never used to carry a handbag. I was a pretty carefree kid – converse and denims with band t-shirts were my life then and though I wouldn’t want to do it again, it certainly feels good reliving that moment – only if temporarily.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Nilu Yuleena


  • Hey don’t hide that inner tomboy of yours, I love her. To be honest, I really fell in love with this look as I scrolled up and down slowly. Even though you said it’s like reliving the past, but the way you styled that eye-catching loose plaid top in current format made it so modern. Especially with those shoes and belt. I love your hair styled this way and also the makeup, of course. So on point. And then, your swag. Always sharp, sis. Love your flow. Just be you, combine whatever, old or new. You are magnetic! 😀 xx

  • Although I would say I was not totally a tomboy in my younger days, I have always liked dressing up and putting a conscious effort in what I wear, I can totally relate to the post. Loved your styling as always.

  • ifiok akpan

    love how you styled this outfit.! i like the tomboy vibe to it, i like to think i still have that tomboish trait in me i just consciously try to make an effort to be feminine tomboy (if the word exist) at the same time :). very stylish outfit.

  • Aya

    I totally relate, before my blog I’ve always been a tomboy, didn’t care about my outfits or being feminine but I always loved the pretty girls, so classy chic and beautiful and that what made me care more about it !! I love this outfit, the way you styled the shirt and made it look so stylish and feminine, I just love it !! You look absolutely amazing and I think that you should do another look like this one cause it’s gorge 😍😍👌