Restoring the Skin


Beauty is indeed skin-deep. Through this post, I want to discuss how my skin has undergone changes the last couple of months due to Travelling, change in diet, lack of sleep and how I’m tackling these issues currently to restore the suppleness of my skin.

My skin has always fluctuated between the dry, combination and oily spectrum. While my skin feels very dry, my skin posts a serum and a light moisturiser feels super oily. In a way that works as a favour for me as my skin looks shiny all the time which ensures I get a natural highlight. But what that actually means is I don’t have issues with open pores. However, my issue lies in clogged pores – The reason why we get pimples. 


Travelling, dust, pollution, eating habits, junk food, smoking & drinking all have their own contribution towards the texture of our skin, last month you saw me travelling, eating junk food and indulging in all the bad things that are actually not so great for my skin. Plus I was wearing makeup almost every day so there was barely any room for my skin to breathe! So when I returned home and got back to my schedule of things, that’s when my skin started breaking out. I started getting pimples which I usually don’t get and as I mentioned before since my bare skin feels dry – I’ve always used a chemical moisturising face wash just to realise it wasn’t working great for me. So after recommendations from my friends who have tried and tested the Ayurveda range of Beauty products – I decided to test the Medimix Face wash.

Medimix Facewash has six Essential herbs which work well for all skin types – Neem, Amaya, Aloe Vera, Manjistha, Turmeric and Lodhra to restore the natural vitality of the face. While Neem, Aloe vera and Turmeric are well-know in ayurveda to rejuvenate skin, keeping it pimple-free and clearthe herb Lodhra reduces skin inflammation while Manjishtha enhances skin texture.

Why I tried this face wash was primarily because of the mild effect it has on the skin. While a change of Facewash did indeed help me with my skin breakout, I realised that this Facewash also doesn’t dry my skin. I made my mom also try this Facewash since she has super oily skin and so far this product has worked out well for both our skin types. 

What I really like about this face wash is that for the price, you’re really getting what you want. So in terms of the value for money – I would rate this product as a 5 star. However, I write this post following a regime where I wash my face twice a day and haven’t experienced any dryness when my face is towel dried.  If you want to try a gel based Face wash that you feel is great to tackle a skin condition you’re facing,  based on excess accumulation of oil in the pores – like Pimple, Acne, I suggest you give this one a try! I also want to mention before ending this post that taking care of your skin by finding the right balance required by your skin is equally important too! For who else will know your skin better than you do! 

Hope you enjoyed this entry today and let me know about your experience if you’ve used this product.

Have a great week ahead!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Talking about skin care, I am taking care of mine like a baby after the sudden acne flare end of last year. I think our skin is about the same type but mine leans on the side of oversensitive spectrum so my skin care has to be the mildest and YES, to the gel-based soap-free Medimix you’re using as the gentler it is the better! That photo of you washing your face is so beautifully-captured sis, I had to eyeball it a number of times, hahah. 😀 xx

  • I am loving the ingredients in this product. I must check it out. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Cris
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