Power House


In this space and time, I have come to the conclusion that wearing a hoodie or a top that reads Girl Power isn’t enough to lead people to believe that you have actually achieved something. Slogan tops are something that anyone can wear but to truly project your growth and development along the years, your dressing plays a mandatory role.

I will never attend a work related event in a slogan top that reads Girl power or something similar (you get the gist). For I want to dress according to how much I feel I have grown. And its not only me who feels like this. I’ve seen men start businesses from the scratch and later have an Armani suit hanging on their wardrobe that apparently makes them proud of their achievement so why can’t a woman do the same?

The feeling you get in an Armani is definitely not what you get in something that you’ve purchased in maybe a fraction of the price. Because of the power of the brand and the power that the wearer projects. And I realised that when I got this Armani set –  How good it feels to wear it and how much Class it adds to a look. It made me feel Amazing! And for someone who believes in Quality over Quantity, I will never regret investing on a piece of Armani instead of buying 10 pieces of something which I’m bound to donate or lose or sell sooner or later.



I’ve always believed in carrying myself with a certain level of class. Probably the reason why, over the years that I’ve been a blogger, I’ve managed to save and purchase quite a bit of luxury pieces, which I never thought I would be able to afford when I was a girl growing up in a small town. Now instead of buying 10 bags of let’s put it 4-6k average in a year, I’d rather save that money to buy a luxury item that I’ll always be proud to carry. I’m not trying to sound high and mighty here, I’m just expressing my opinion – I’ve always been choosy with what I wear because I want it to resemble a look that makes me the most comfortable – A look that exudes Class. A woman can also have a sex appeal by not showing her assets to the world. I personally believe that a powerful woman, who has her life under her control is more appealing to everyone. And keeping that in mind, I feel like a PowerHouse in this look because my dreams have finally started bearing fruits and though I still have a long way to go, I’ll bear everything that comes in my way with class and the right attitude.


Nilu Yuleena.

I’m wearing:

Top & Bottom & Bag: Armani

Shoes: Monrow Shoes

Photography: Lal Sanglyan

Location Courtesy: Orange County Resorts , Hampi





  • Love how you’re slaying the Power House look in this Armani power suit sis. It’s awesome that you get to invest in a luxury clothing and bag and express your superwoman vibes. And yes, I agree that a woman who has a handle on her own life is always universally-appealing! Stay fiery, sis. 🙂 xoxo

  • beautiful post, I love whatever you said about armani and I feel the same with whatever I, myself have achieved on my own with my luxury bags and so on.

  • Tamara Chloé

    Such a gorgeous location and outfit Nilu! You look incredible!❤️

    xx kisses Tamara Chloé


  • Yeah. It’s 2017 but there are still people who thinks backwards about women.
    I really hope we get to that point where we can all respect one another despite our differences.

    Hey, this is a gorgeous look. The makeup and outfits are awesome.

  • Ebbie Style

    Omg these pictures are amazing!


  • Deepali Kini

    Love the images Nilu! You look stunning, as usual 😀