Carpe Diem


Procrastinate Do it Now

One of the easiest things for us to do is put ourselves off from doing something. I’ve procrastinated so much in the past which led to so many thing piling up in my life that it eventually made me start feeling negative emotions on anything I attempted to do later on. I used the excuse of working hours as an excuse for delaying things in my personal life. However I’ve pulled up my socks and made some progressive changes in my life. Starting from – beginning my day at 7am as opposed to waking at 1pm as I did earlier. I’ve also finally joined a gym for the first time in my life. For a change, I’ve even started monitoring my diet. This is so different than the me I was a month back and I’ve already started feeling the benefits of changing my lifestyle. And now I’ve even started preaching to other people to put aside an hour for themselves to dedicate towards their body. It’ll take me months to get the kind of body I aspire to have but a step had to be taken towards that path and I feel so much better already.

Miss Buttons


At the moment all I can think of while heading out in this weather, is an outfit that is either made of Cotton or Chiffon. Day times here in Bangalore are getting unbearably hot and I just want to wear outfits that allow me to breathe. And that’s when I ordered a bunch of outfits from Chicwish‘s newest collection, that looked perfect for Spring Summer and I’m wearing one of my latest purchase in this post.

I ordered this dress primarily because of the extension to a shirt dress – with the wraparound straps that is an addition that I feel makes it different than any other shirt dresses. Plus, I have a very strong affinity for stripes I must say. I get very attracted towards any kind of outfit in stripes and I love how simple this dress is with the straps giving the shirt dress an entirely new definition. I’ll say this dress allows me to take a break from cinching a normal shirt dress with a wide waist belt.


Being Choo-sy


It is a great feeling to have something that is coveted by many. I’d been yearning to pull off a pair of Choo’s ever since I could remember laying my eyes on the shoes for the first time -  longingly looking at the beautiful pairs that reminds you everyday that if you want, you could be ...




A post that shows all my passion combined. That’s exactly how I would describe this post. Content creation is the best thing that I have ever chosen to do in my life. It gives me such immense pleasure working on a post content, while also leaving me with goosebumps everytime I publish a post, to check how everyone would react to my post – which I also call a presentation of my work.