Ruffles & Suede


My love relationship with Suede and Ruffles go longer than I can remember. Today I was looking for new arrivals on some online websites and I realised that I was unconsciously adding a lot of ruffled items to my wishlist before I deleted them one by one. I feel very feminine when I wear ruffles which I ...


Unicorn Tribe


I would like to start this post by expressing my deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support which I got from my last post. I will say that now I’ve been super motivated to create the kind of content I’ve always wanted to create.  I have You all to Thank for that. And I hope you ...




There is one thought that has been plaguing my mind for so long that I literally stopped doing what I thought I loved doing the most - Blogging. I’m making this post after almost a month and if you ask me if I missed it, I can’t really be sure. I can’t be sure because ...


Current Favourites


Can I write that I’m currently experiencing a moment of transition in my life where everything I’m so accustomed to, is changing? I suppose I can. Take for example, my growing hair, which at the moment, I’m facing a lot of problem with the styling, as it is neither long to tie nor short to just let it be. I can also take into account my change in weight at the moment as I always put on weight during winter. While I find this tremendously annoying, blame it on discontinuing with my regular exercise and junk eating, I can also say that my old skinny denims feels the same as I always seem to have a moment struggling to fit into them. So I tackled this issue by getting into my life this boyfriend jeans with a drawstring which I found incredibly cool from the latest collection at ONLY India and this loose shirt with tiny embroidered hearts which is really cute. I’ve realised that I find my kind of clothes in ONLY most of the time. From Graphic tees to distressed denims they always have something that I really like in their collection. I chanced upon this boyfriend denims styled on the mannequin in their store and I just knew I had to have it. I found this bottoms to be the perfect combination of two things that I love – Jogger Pants and Boyfriend Denims. And I didn’t even think twice while picking this one last week.