The Mind Eye


As I write this post, listening to Pink Floyd, trying to get into the mind of the artists that made these art work, marvelling at the sheer brilliance of the work – I cannot yet fathom what is “that thing” that runs inside the heads of these talented souls. I wonder if their ideas are seeded from a personal experience, hallucination or maybe even a song. I have stared at this artwork, before posting it here, for so many hours that every time I look at one art work there is always something different I see and something new that I feel I was able to decipher. For someone like me who’s not much of a minimalist as is quite obvious by my choice of apparel and the work I project, I felt at times I could relate to these artwork and deduce my own conclusions at what could each art-form possibly mean. They say every artist hides a clue in their artwork and yet hours of starting at these graffiti art only make me come to different set of conclusions every time.

Jodhpur Rajasthan Diary


Jodhpur is a beauty. My first experience of Jodhpur has been so amazing that it will always linger as a happy memory to me. I finally got an opportunity to visit this beautiful city last week when Vivo invited me to experience Jodhpur with them. I can write that I was really excited as I haven’t visited North India much and I’d been hoping to visit Jodhpur some time this year. Getting an invitation email from Vivo certainly made that wish come true for we had the best experience in Jodhpur with a well planned itinerary.

Warm my Soul


One thing about growing up in a hilly region is that we grow up to become hoarders of winter wear. Back when I was still there, Fall season kickstarted the time when we packed all our summer wear to have it replaced by the thickest jackets and take out all the knitwear we had. It didn’t help when our mothers started knitting sweaters and snoods for us as soon as the Fall season began. I have been away from colder climates for more than a decade now, but I suppose the habit is engrained so deep in me that I find it hard to resist not adding more winter collection, every winters.


The Aranyani Hunt


This weekend I did something really interesting that I'd not done in sometime - I went on a Treasure Hunt called The Aranyani Hunt.Β And it wasn't just a game I participated in but a part of the event I attended. And that event was the launch of the Brand Aranyani which is a lifestyle Brand ...