Feeling Radiant


White brightens everything.

It makes me feel fresh, I feel it brightens up my look and even my mood. It was no surprise that when I saw this top on Chicwish I ordered it immediately without even a second thought even when a black variant was available when I ordered. For I always felt that if I needed a look that makes me feel radiant then a beautiful white, ruffled number would be it. It doesn’t even matter that I already have white tops with ruffles from Chicwish. This top to me was love at first sight and sometimes I plan a look in advance while ordering my clothes online and I was so happy when I received this for it was just what I expected. Even more perhaps. And since the fit is so good and it makes me feel so much better, I decided to create a softer glowy look that I’d dreamed of, while ordering this top. And while I would love to style this top with white culottes very soon –  at the moment, I’m posting a look with high waisted denims because I’m currently addicted to it.


Round the Clock


The more chic you look, the more feminine you feel.

When I first saw the Twelve AM PM Look book I was so pleasantly surprised at how the brand resonated so strongly with my personal style. The collection reflected back everything I desire in an outfit – Good prints, Good Fabric, Good style and most importantly Class. I would say that Twelve AM PM is not a regular casual brand but infact a brand that houses a collection that is not only beautiful and tasteful but is also very reasonably priced. And if you need me to vouch for my words, I’d say that you go to any Twelve AM PM stores and try the garments for yourself! Everything about the Twelve AM PM garments- from the fit, to the tailoring, to the prints and the choice of fabrics exceeded my expectation when I first laid my hands on them. And I can write that this post is just the beginning of my growing obsession with this brand which recently opened their doors in Bangalore at Phoenix Mall.


Reflect the Heat


I’m fond of Sunglasses.

They hide my bad makeup, they hide my under eye bags, they make my outfits looks chic, they help me pretend I haven’t seen someone I don’t want to see (let’s strike that off) and finally they protect me from the sun glare of course. Sometimes I feel that I just pack my insecurities under two tiny pieces of glasses! But well Sunglasses obsession currently has led me to have a collection I sometimes like to boast about. And the collection keeps increasing because I’ve realized how collecting sunglasses has now become a new habit. Having said that, I get bored of frames easily and now I’m trying to add different kind of frames to my collection which I can pair with different kind of outfits, as per my mood.