At the moment I’m thinking that if a situation ever arises when someone in a group asks all the lovers of fat cats to raise their hands, I would be one of them, waving my hands excitedly, proclaiming my everlasting love for these furry, arrogant, cuddly beings that to me seems terribly irresistible. And another interest involves Disney of-course. So when two of your interest subjects collide to become one, that’s when you get super excited. Like I am right now, when I present to you my styling version of the limited edition ONLYxGarfield Collection that has finally hit the ONLY stores across India from today!




I’m wearing:

Top: ONLYxGarfield Limited edition [ shop here ]

Boyfriend Jeans: ONLY

Photography: Lal Sanglyan

Location Courtesy: The Open Box Bangalore









Memes have been made which say adulting is hard. And I suppose that comes into  play when you’re trying to not show your excitement when your childhood memory is replayed (like singing along to the tunes of the opening credit songs of your favourite cartoon series)  while trying to act like a responsible adult when infact your heart is screaming inside. So I thought that I wouldn’t really try this so called “Adulting” but instead show my love for Disney and my feline little friends through my clothes and I would suggest, if you are like me, that you should do it too! It feels like a fresh change from all the florals and plaids when taking a break from the common prints to incorporate graphics into our life.  When I heard about this collection initially I was super excited because I love Garfield – undoubtedly, and I feel super happy to collaborate with ONLY during their release of both the ONLYxMickey and ONLYxGarfield collection. Do check out the remaining limited edition collection pieces now on and grab them before they are gone! Besides these Graphic tops have the cutest slogans that helps communicate your thoughts in a very subtle manner. Need any more convincing?


Nilu Yuleena

  • Nilu sis, hahah, I love fat cats and Garfield too! I also like that you look very feline in your poses. Those sneakers caught my eyeballs too, are those ribbon shoe laces, that made me look a few times. I just love how unexpected that was. I would so steal this outfit from you! As for adulting? That’s pretty tough even for an oldie like me..heheh..Adults need fun and games too like kids and Garfield embodies that, I mean he is an old fat cat heheh 😀 x

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  • Nilu, it really is a great reminder of our childhood when we hear a song or see something cute… I have always been a tweety bird fan and I am super excited for the New Beauty and the Beast movie… I think it’s fun to relive some of those moments… You look cute and relaxed… Have a great week ahead xox

  • Love the outfit. Very cutesy chic.