My Energy Code with System Professional


After several months of not taking proper care of my hair, I finally headed to a hair treatment session with System Professional. I’d become so lazy with my hair that it had become months since I last went for a hair spa. And while I kept colouring my hair in the meantime and also, kept getting DMs asking how I still had hair in my scalp – I suppose I couldn’t really act like an Invincible Scalp woman. After my last bleach, the outcome was not what I expected. My scalp felt the driest it had ever felt. While I bleached my hair previously with consistent hair spa and treatments replenishing the lost moisture and rebounding the damaged strands, the same couldn’t be said this time. And my scalp started becoming flaky and I started having the flakes stick to my hair bed like dandruff. Except that it wasn’t really dandruff. It was my scalp losing its versatility and life force.

Sounds dramatic when I write it, yet it’s sad but true. I cannot deny that I wasn’t scared – I was very scared. I thought if my scalp goes worse than this and the hair root stops holding onto the strands then there was a very high possibility of me losing my hair. And that’s not a price I’m ready to pay. Ever. However, I do know from past experiences that there is always a solution. I’ve written in the past about how I’ve done the SP alchemy and the Liquid Hair treatment and how it has helped my bleached hair come back to life when it was beginning to look lifeless. This time, I got my Energy Code from System Professionals. A customized hair treatment based on your current hair condition after a consultation session. I knew what my hair was lacking and what I needed and so I got exactly what I needed. An Energy Code that is unique to my hair only. And this was so far one of the best haircare solution I’ve got. A treatment tailored specifically for your hair.



The treatment started with a consultation as I mentioned and a thorough hair checkup. We figured how dry the scalp has been and how sensitive my hair strands were. I didn’t have to ask what they thought about my hair condition, it came under the extremely damaged category. I know it for sure, as I no longer see the shine in my hair. However, I went for the treatment with hope of rejuvenating my hair with SP treatments like how they had helped me in the past. And this is a very unbiased review that while my favourite hair treatment from SP was Liquid Hair in the past, I’m now switching to Energy Code for I prefer a customized treatment based on my current hair state more than a regular treatment. Besides, Liquid Hair was also included in my Energy Code Hair Treatment. So, as you must have concluded, Energy Code is not just one treatment session. It combines various treatments based on what your hair needs the most. My treatment consisted of Balance and Moisture based on the readings we got.


We started by washing the hair and then applying the hair mask on wet hair mixed with a Serum which is exclusive to salon service only. After that we put another potion only to the strands avoiding the roots to re-bond the lost strength of my hair.


Hair texture seen after running electrically charged particles through hair 

This was followed by a hot towel therapy where a hot towel soaked in warm water was placed over my hair for 10 minutes. Following that I had my hair washed again after which 2.5ml Balance was applied only to my roots. After keeping that on my hair for about 10 Mins, we washed my hair with water only and then proceeded to apply Liquid hair only to the strands. This was then followed by Luxe oil application which could be left on.

Applying Liquid hair on the Strands

Applying Balance Energy Serum on the Scalp

Following the treatment, I’m now taking care of my strands at home also because the best way to ensure hair repair is to ensure the salon treatment is followed by

adequate home care.

My code is : B1+X1S+H2+H3+L4+R5 for which I got the following for home care:


·  (B1) System Professional Balance Shampoo – It cares for your scalp and has calming ingredients to moisturize the hair and scalp.

·  (H2) System Professional Hydrate Conditioner – Another moisturiser, it’s great for all textures of hair

·  (H3) System Professional Hydrate Mask – If you are looking for long-lasting suppleness ? Give this one a try

·  (L4) System Professional Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir – I love my new shine after using this product.

·  (R5) System Professional Repair Perfect Hair – This one makes the hair more resistant against the effects of heat for strong and resilient hair.

If you too have queries on the texture of your hair and want a hair treatment, I suggest you try this treatment which starts from Rs.1800/- in selected SP outlets. I got my treatment done from BodyCraft in Bangalore.


I hope you enjoyed this entry and I hope this review helps!

Have a great weekend!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • My beautiful sis, I love looking through the photos of you at the hair spa. I think it’s because I can feel how therapeutic it was too for your hair and for me, I find that I could seriously fall asleep when a hairdresser does her thing to my head. Just looking at the photos is making me want to visit my hair dresser who is excitedly waiting to color my hair but I’m shying away as the ends of my hair are like straw heheh. Can’t wait to see how your hair gets transformed by this hair treatment 😀 xx

  • Sooae Lee

    OMG NILU!!! you did it again!!! your hair!!!! how do you always have the most perfect hair on earth no matter what??? you can even pull off this aqua shade… you are seriously so damn gorgeous !