Mesh and Ruffles


This post constitutes the series of images we took while Sanglyan and I had driven out for location scouting for some of our upcoming campaign work. There are days when the weather, the lighting and the clothes that you are wearing goes along well enough to be a part of a blogpost content. We saw this windy day as a perfect day to shoot this top, which is one of the most beautiful top that I’m currently holding in my closet. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m hoarding a lot of ruffles, just because my iris widen everytime I see a ruffled outfit on an online clothing site. Also I couldn’t really escape from the beauty of the mesh and the ruffles that make this top unique and beautiful.

The weather that we are currently facing in Bangalore is something that I would like to describe as  a fickle minded weather. We left for the road while it was still sunny and suddenly we were met with fierce downpour before we could reach and finalise the location we wanted to shoot at. We usually go for location scouting on our days off, keeping track of the different locations that would come in handy in our future projects and on one such day, the weather and the location ( well this is actually shot on a highway under very risky conditions) favoured this quick post that I wanted to post here. I love nothing more than natural forces such as the wind playing with my outfits and the ruffles and the wind got along really well. Also this bottom combination of shorts and gladiator heels is something I’ve repeated quite often though I don’t really post a lot on social media with it since I’ve already styled it similarly in an earlier post. However I won’t deny that wearing gladiator heels makes me feel good. Let’s just say that I have this thing for harnesses ( which I’ve never worn on a blogpost but I do wear them quite a bit otherwise) and gladiator heels. Maybe I like channeling my inner fierceness through my outfits. If I am to add, the same can be said for lingerie too. I know this is going off topic but for discussion, I’d like to write that I feel really good when I wear a lingerie that makes me feel good. And no matter what kind of outfit I’m wearing outside, I just have that feel-good factor knowing that underneath I’m feeling super fine! I do think this happens to a lot of us women.

Also I’ve been doing a bit of leg exercises in the gym lately and I like showing off my legs a lot more than before, because after all the pain in the gym I think I would love to flaunt the hard work I did then. Today during a call I was just discussing with a dear friend how going to the gym makes me confident with my body knowing that its going in the right direction. And that the arduous workout I do in the gym enables to choose proper food for myself as compared to what I was eating before I made fitness a part of my life. Now I think twice about eating that McDonalds fries with Peri-peri sauce knowing it’ll probably take me an hour of running in the treadmill to lose those calories! And I think that the changes I’m incorporating to my life is showing a remarkable improvement in my head (can’t really see the changes in the body yet),  for now, I feel better about my body, better about my skin and above all I feel so good for dedicating that little time to myself for self improvement.



I’m wearing:

Top: Chicwish [ buy here ]

Shorts: OASAP

Heels: Koovs

Bag: LV Speedy 25

Hat:  Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed this look and I wish you all a Fabulous Friday!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Kritika Negi

    Hi. I love your blog . Can you please tell me will I have to pay customs if I buy stuff from chicwish ?

    • Thank you Kritika. It depends on the number of items you’re purchasing and the value. I order a maximum of 4 items per website and I haven’t had to pay customs for it.

  • Sooae Lee

    how perfect can a person be? you do not need to work out nilu ur legs are perfect and i love those boots! You are always so fierce and i love your hair ( i know i always tell u that but I have serious hair envy– if only i could pull that off!) Love the ruffles- you look so amazing!


  • I really like this look and the photos. stunning work. 🙂

  • Your boldness in fashion and in life in general is really admirable. Loving this outfit.

  • Fierce sis, I love that you used the risky highway and your runway, hahah. And wow, the wind in your hair and those killer poses in the tall gladiator sandals along with the breezy ruffle top all combine to make this one of your casual outfits that I love! Don’t get me started on your hair. That color is something else and I love the waves..and you’re so right about lingerie as I’m running out of comfy and pretty ones. The one comfy bra I wear is on repeat and it seems the rest is just lousy hahah. I seriously need to do some lingerie shopping! Love, love this OUTFIT so much and I’m so happy to know that your gym visits have made you feel confident in yourself. It’s really true isn’t it about moving the body, it makes the mind sharp! Love you my darling sis!!! <3 xoxox

  • I have seen the ruffled outfits on Instagram like a LOT! And, I need to get myself one of the items lol. Love how you styled everything together, and those sandals are so fierce!