This weekend I conducted a styling session in association with Max Fashions. I’ve stayed away from Meet and Greets, Interactive sessions for ages because I feel very awkward when I have to address a crowd. However when it comes to styling, I don’t hesitate as this is one sector I personally enjoy. Understanding different styles and working on them. I’ve done numerous styling sessions with Max Fashions in the past and I was more than happy to do this one too after almost a year. I won’t go about with how my day went while styling at the MAX Fashions store in VR Bengaluru. However, I’d like to write about how I go about styling when I do, considering I have done it enough to follow a format which enables me to explore the best of the collections and help people with their queries with demonstration.

Choosing the outfits.

Choosing clothes from the collection is how I start my styling sessions. I pick up clothes from all the collections, latest and old and I have them arranged in a stand irrespective of whether they match my personal style or not because – I’m not focusing on my style but instead understanding other’s style and helping them with options on how they can style the clothes they have picked from themselves. Or help them pick something else that might look better on them while adhering to their personal style. This year I focused on the winterwear and casual clothes that can be styled in numerous ways and also some of my personal favourites just in case someone who liked my style came to meet me and wanted me to suggest something for them.

Max Fashions always creates a Stage that enables people to come and interact with me with their styling queries. I think it is a great way to let people know that I’m ready to help style anyone who wishes me to help them. I love demonstrating clothes and I try to help people with styling according to their body shape. That’s one thing I focus on the most. I usually start with what kind of clothes look best on their shape and then I proceed on with their personal preferences in terms of colors, prints, silhouettes etc.

Understanding Personal Preferences

The most important thing I believe, in styling, is to understand what the other person prefers. I can only advice on how they can style the kind of outfits they prefer or suggest something that I feel flatters them. However when it comes to styling, the ball is never in my court. It is all about understanding and working towards their choices.

I, however, can be quite annoying when it comes to styling. I feel like I literally probe everyone with a lot of questions. But in my own defense, I think that is precisely what makes me understand each individual soul I encounter in such a short period of time.

Field Work

Being approachable is something I value a lot. I want people to be comfortable with me as I would love to be comfortable with them. So when I did notice that a lot of people were hesitant to approach me on the stage, I went to the field instead. Having already familiarised myself with the collection, it always gives me great happiness to be able to help other’s find what looks better on them or helping them with their shopping dilemmas.


Lastly, the interaction.

That’s the most rewarding bit of hosting a Styling session. Besides imparting my sense of style, I also get to learn so much from everyone I meet. And every experience is worth cherishing.

Well, so here I have summarised my entire experience and I feel glad I have able to document the event. While there are hundreds of pictures we took, I can only put a few and I wish to express my profound gratitude to everyone who approached me that day, a big Thanks to the emcee Zara for conducting the event and encouraging shoppers to come talk to me and a Big Thank You to Max Fashions for letting me live this moment.

Hope you enjoyed this entry!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Your smile makes me smile so much! I like when you do this type of styling project and you truly shine. Your warmth radiates from across the screen and I’ll add that I love that you stick with your strengths and make things work for you! I love this feminine dress you chose and that footwear,’s a combo I find most appealing…and I really admired how you went off the stage to mingle with the shoppers and make them comfortable. What an angel! Seriously, I learn a lot from you sis. Your kindness is everything and I hope you know that! <3 xoxo