LG G6 – See More Hold Less


Life’s Good when we have a handheld device that makes things so much easier in life. I’m having my fair share of the better life when I got my hands on the new LG G6 and I’ll tell you why here.

To begin with, I have tiny hands and feet. I’m a petite after all but sometimes I think my size doesn’t really justify how tiny my hands and feet are. Its tinier than average! And for this reason I miss out on buying big screen phones because when I hold them, I get the impression they look like tablets literally on my palm! I may be exaggerating but you get the gist? So I heard that LG G6 comes with a 5.7” display which is a pretty big screen if you think about it! Actually even bigger than a iPhone 7 plus screen.Hence #SeeMoreHoldLess. And since I watch a lot of Korean Series and Japanese Anime on my phone, this was something that interested me a lot. And I was amazed at the crisp resolution the LG g6 offers. And since the specs say that it is packed with Dolby Vision, FullVision Display and Quad HD+, I wasn’t disappointed. You will get my point when you turn on the screen and see just the Home display. The clarity is simply amazing! But besides the screen size being big, something that was very relevant to me was the size of the phone. Since the screen display covers most of the front side of the phone, the phone has been designed in such a way that it isn’t bulky and big. And that’s just what I needed. Now I take the LG G6 with  me while running so that I can snapchat during that time, read and respond to urgent emails during that time if required and also listen to music and track my running activity on GPS at the same time. I’ve always felt a little skeptical about using running arm bands and the size of this phone is perfect for me.


Next, the camera. With so many variants now out on the market, LG G6 trumps in terms of the modes and the dual camera it comes with. I love the wide and the normal mode in this phone. In comparison to many other phones, both the front and the back camera has options to change the frame to a wide angle frame so that you can get more into a shot. That means no more cramping to get into the frame during a Group-fie or getting an entire landscape into a frame when you are in  a beautiful location.

Another thing about the LG G6 is that you don’t really need to press any button when you take a selfie. That’s because of the Gesture Shot feature of this phone. I personally find adjusting my fingers on a camera button annoying when taking a selfie and now with the LG G6 all I do is wave and a selfie I want is captured! Fancy isn’t it! I’ve captured a screenshot to show you how the screen looks like when I do that. You may not believe it but once you get used to this, you will never want to take a selfie with another phone!








As I mentioned, The camera of the LG G6 comes with 4 modes in the Square camera. Which means you get to be as creative as you want. And I personally find that handy for Instagram Stories where I sometimes post pictures from my camera roll.

The Match Shot Allows me to have two frames in one pic in vertical alignment, which means both the front camera and the back camera are being used simultaneously to capture a selfie and behind me at the same time. I can change the split screen to take two selfies or either my view and my selfie at the same time in one picture.

Snap Shot – Allows me to take pictures and preview it right away. Instead of going to the camera roll to see if the picture I took has come fine, I can preview it at the same time without going away from the mode.

Guide Shot – Allows me to replicate a previously shot image so that the camera settings are the same. Its slightly tricky to use but once you’re used to it, you’ll find it very convenient. I find this feature useful for maintaining a similar edits in all my feed images.





Grid Shot – Allows me to create a grid image combining 4 images shot one after the other. The final outcome is a square image that has a collage of 4 images that fits perfectly on Instagram.




The rear 13MP dual camera of the LG G6 is what also makes me love this phone! the picture clarity and crispness as I mentioned earlier is something that comes in par and even exceeds the resolution of some point and shoot cameras I use. Which means that I can use this phone easily to vlog and blog too. Shooting OOTD’s and outfit details has become easier because crispness is what I aim while shooting an image and this phone gives me just that. Besides I’ve become fond of shooting images in this phone in Manual mode which gives me more control to achieve the outcome I wish.




Varied wide angle mode shot with the rear dual camera of the LG G6

360° Panorama feature

There are many more features this phone has to offer but since I know my post will start forming into a book if I don’t summarise it fast, I’d like to highlight a very important feature of this phone – the IP 68 Salience. Which means it is water and dust resistant upto 1.5 metres for upto 30 minutes. And since I’ve had multiple experiences with damaged phones after it fell down in water – I did something I’d wanted to do for a long time. I poured a glass of water on the phone. That can be ticked off my bucket list now, a dare to try to damage a new phone. But if I can personify the phone,I must say that it kept its cool. I did not turn off the phone after giving it a shower and I kept it in the wet spot for sometime just to test the IP 68 salience ( Maybe I’m inspired by all the drop and water test I see on Youtube ) and while I took the test last week, the phone is still working great!

IP 68 Protection feature of the phone

I hope you enjoyed the entry and have an amazing week ahead!


Nilu Yuleena.


  • How fun is this phone. OMG, I’m not really tech-savvy and have started feeling like a dino when I see phones like this. I love that you had fun testing all of the features out and the pictures are stunning, I love the color vibrancy and all the positive things you mentioned. Perhaps I should look to LG as my next smartphone go-to. I love your green mani and pedi sis. I saw that in a few entries back and had to comment. Heheh. Sorry so random. Thank you for reviewing LG G6 sis, it’s so interesting what technology can do in a short time. :O xo

  • idu

    The selfie struggle is real! That and that water resistant feature make this phone outstanding for me. And hey beautiful Nilu!!! You’re looking fierce as always!


  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    It does look like a really good phone! The picture quality is impressive. Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath