Lace and Frills


This is a look that I loved creating. Probably because I’ve never carried myself this way before. Wearing a bustier, showing off more skin than I probably do, finally able to braid my hair is something that I haven’t done much on my previous posts. Having said that, experimenting always makes me feel good. But I won’t deny that I wasn’t the subject of catcalls when we shot this look. Which surprised me because I hadn’t been catcalled in a while. Having said that, those ignorant good for nothing boys made me feel really really conscious because as I said – I’m not used to showing much skin. Eventually I ended up adding a jacket over this look because well those people were also taking pictures of me on their smartphone. Which made me incredibly angry. But such is the state of the world and there is a reason the term “Catcall” exists. Anyways, this post isn’t about complaining on the condition of the society but rather focus on the things that I love. Which is:

  1. Creating content for the blog no matter how many jerks try to interrupt the shoot. Well at the end of the day I believe a good photograph is all I need after I spend hours meticulously applying makeup, styling myself and doing my hair to allow a few idiots to ruin that for me.
  2. Years down the lane, a post I’m happy to make will give me good memories and I don’t even remember how those good for nothing guys looked like.
  3. I’m wearing something I love and I wanted this look to be a part of the blog.

Having written all these, I’m not going to write too much about how I love everything that I’m wearing in this look. I guess it has become a standard tradition to write I love this and I love that. After all why would I blog about something I don’t love. What I’ll do in this post is write about where I got them from and how comfortable are those.



Starting with The Chicwish Lace jumpsuit: Such a good buy! I love how different this is than all the jumpsuits in the market and I do NOT regret a moment of getting this. I’m planning to get better bustiers in lace to suit this one. But since I didn’t exactly find a good white bustier that I originally wanted before we shot this look, I made do with an old nude one that was stuck in one of my drawers for the longest time. I also love the lace detailing and the belt on this Chicwish jumpsuit which at the moment makes me feel so good wearing it because this one definitely is a head-turner. Shipping to India takes about 2 weeks maximum and customs vary between Rs. 200-500  depending on how many items you order. I usually pay Rs.250 for 3-4 items. The jumpsuit isn’t see through and the fabric has an inner lining which is made of comfortable fabric. You can get your jumpsuit [ here ] .


The Pretty Yellow Block Heels with Frills: As fancy as this heading sounds, this EGO heel is even fancier in real. And at the moment my absolute favourite. I love this pair for a lot of reasons, the reasons primarily being the colour and most and very importantly the comfort. Ever since I injured and tore a ligament at the beginning of this year, I have realised that walking in my old heels are not as comfortable as they used to feel. Ligament tear apparently doesn’t heal properly if we don’t take the rest that had been advised by the doctor but I’m an impatient fool who cannot sit in one place in peace. So, I find my options very limited when it comes to heels I can walk around comfortable in. While one heel I acquired earlier this year was the only heels I wore this year ( literally ) after the injury, I now am happy to write this one is an alternate and I intend to carry these with me even during my travels when I have no idea how treacherous the road may be. That’s the level of comfort these heels provide. You can get yours [ Here ]



Get my Look:

Jumpsuit: Chicwish | Buy here

Heels: EGO | Buy here

Bag: Michael Kors Hamilton

Jacket: Romwe ( old one)

Watch: CLUSE

Earrings: ONLY

The bag is an old one from Michael Kors and its the Hamilton Model and the Bomber is almost 4 years old that I got from Romwe but is again an absolute favourite! And I think I can conclude my entry here today with the hope that you liked this look as much as I did.


Nilu Yuleena.