Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Range


Just before I colored my hair, I was invited by Himalaya Herbals to experience their anti-hair fall range considering its no secret that heavily colored hair do tend to suffer from hair fall and breakage. Sanglyan suffers from hair fall and has been using this range so I was tempted to try the entire procedure, which consists of products made with Herbal ingredients, with the help of experts in Ombre Salon, Bangalore.

During this process, I realised that the entire regime is very simple and can be easily followed at home. It comes in 4 simple steps, which when followed appropriately helps prevent hair fall.




As per the instruction, we started with oiling my hair which I can also write was a great oil massage therapy. This part of the treatment stood out for me because of all the hair spas and treatment I’ve experienced, none of them started with a good oil head massage. After a good hair massage of 10-15 mins, my hair was then steamed to help the oil penetrate deeper.






Washing the oil out of my hair using the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and an Anti- Hair Fall Conditioner was the next part of the regime.

Post the hair wash, the last part of the regime involved dousing my hair strands with the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream which serves as a Leave on Conditioner too. The cream was generously applied to my clean strands post which my hair was styled as per my desire.



My Review: I like the Hair Oil for application prior to a hair wash and also the cream didn’t make my hair greasy. While the hair shampoo and conditioner are also good, I wouldn’t use them regularly for my heavily bleached hair as my hair only behaves with High Moisture Shampoos and conditioner considering my hair is stripped of moisture as it is stripped of the pigment.

Would I suggest this range?

Considering the price range the products fall under and comparing it with what I’ve tried of similar range from the counters, I would. Considering the ingredients of this Anti-Hair Fall Range, I find that they would suit a lot of people struggling with hair fall.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and Thank you for stopping by today.


Nilu Yuleena.

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