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This post is quite different from the other posts that I make. For instance, this is not a look post but a beauty post instead. Today I want to discuss about  things that I feel constitute the base of a good styling and overall look. Proper grooming. And by that I mean well done nails, makeup, hair that constitute a look. I, for one, am very particular about how my overall grooming is combined with the clothes that I wear. And though I love wearing denims that couldn’t be more ripped than what Im wearing, I love to be well groomed always. Well blended makeup, neatly done brows and clean nails is a mandate for me. And one thing that I cannot tolerate are bad chipping nails or faded nail polish. I feel it destroys the entire vibe of a good outfit! And while I was suffering under the constant strain to always maintain my nails and prevent them from chipping or ensuring that my nails always looked well done, I’ve resorted to getting gel nails done for the best part of last year and all through this year and today I want to share my experience or anything I know in this field with you.

 Now let me give you a scenario. Assuming you are going out somewhere and you have your entire look planned but how would you feel if at the last moment you realise you had no time to do your nails or straighten/curl your hair or well, for argument sake shave your legs? I’ve faced that issue countless times that believe me, I’d been trying to find a shortcut for a long time. Then early last August I chanced upon an article that discussed about gel nails and acrylic nails and I was very very curious. My nails are very brittle. So brittle and soft that as soon as it grows a little long, it starts bending. And then it peels off. That’s how thin it is. And since we shoot almost on a daily basis, and since I cannot put nail polish by myself (you wouldn’t want to see my nails after I apply polish on them), I’ve found that bad nails affect my overall look. Now I’m almost a perfectionist. I cannot handle an imperfection like a fading nail polish or a half chipped nails ruining a good outfit combined with meticulously applied makeup and carefully waxed hair. Maybe its a slight form of OCD. That I cannot fathom but what I can tell you about me is that I give no room for something that I feel is imperfect. It makes me feel itchy in my mind and I’ll be thinking of that imperfection all day long! So when I was getting my hair done at Bounce Salon in Bangalore, I was discussing my issue with my hairstylist when she suggested I try the nail extensions or the acrylic nails as most of her other clients try it. I was surprised to know we could do nail extensions in Bounce. I’d been going there for so many years and I always thought the nail counter were for nail polish application post a manicure or a pedicure! Ofcourse I couldn’t wait to book an appointment either.My good friends at Bounce immediately booked me for a nail extension service that day, early in August last year where I got my first acrylic nail extension and I’ve never looked back since then.  

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I’ve been getting nail extensions done since August until early March this year when I decided to try shorter nails and just removed the extensions. However, I will never stop using gel nails. To me they are a saviour and I mean it! The nail art that I’m sporting in this post has been applied three weeks earlier and see how they still look! As if I just applied a fresh coat of polish and I no longer have to bother about my nails ever again. Gel nails - acrylic nail extensions in Bangalore - 9

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Today I want to discuss about some questions I had when I initially got my nails-work done.  

Starting with:

What are Acrylic nails?

When you want long nails and don’t have the patience to grow it long or your nails are weak and brittle then I suggest you go for Acrylic nail extensions. I kept going for the Acrylic nails extensions where a fake nail is applied from the middle of the nails and a cementing substance called an Overlay is applied on top to seal the nails with your original nails. Acrylic nails are really tough. Tougher than your original nails and very rarely does it break. I’ve had really long coffin nails too and I haven’t had an instance of my nails breaking inspite of typing a lot all day long or doing other physical chores where my nails got in direct contact. And they are tough! They look slender and beautiful but they are as tough as nails. 

How long does the nail extensions last?

The nails extensions last as long as your nail grows. Since the overlay starts sliding as your nail grows – similar to how a gap is seen with a nail polish when a nail grows, infills must be done to cover the gap between the previously applied Overlay and the new nail growth to maintain the level of the nails. Also as the nail grows, the fake nails needs to be filed and reshaped. I got my infills done twice in a month. 

Is it difficult to work with long nails for working people?

The answer would be No. I’ve always had short nails throughout my life as I’m someone who doesn’t have the patience to grow long nails and again my nails are weak. It initially took me around 2 days to get accustomed to typing with long nails but once you get used to working with the nails it feels almost natural. My fingers got automatically adjusted to typing with the pad of my finger instead of typing with my nails.

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Is it safe to expose your nails to UV rays while getting gel polish?

I’ve heard long exposure isn’t good but I apply sunscreen on my hands everytime I get a gel polish done. There is repercussions to everything. Applying nail polish also makes the nails yellow they say so as an additional measure, I apply Neutrogena sunscreen SPF 50 on my hands when I know I’m getting the gel nail polish.

Does the artificial nails look fake?

Not at all. Even you won’t be able to make out the difference.

What is the difference between Acrylic nails and Gel nails?

Acrylic nails is when the overlay is applied on top of your nails to strengthen your nails. Like an extra nail bed layered over your nail to prevent the nails from chipping. Acrylic Overlays can be applied directly over your real nails or over your fake nails if you want long nails. One can either apply the normal nail polish over the acrylic nails or the gel nail colours. The difference being, you can change the normal nail polish over your acrylic nails as much as you want but gel nails last longer and has to be dealt by a professional.  Gel nails – Gel nail polish to be precise is a kind of nail polish which when applied is dried in a UV ray equipment that seals the nail colour bonds and ensures the colour never fades, and remains as long as you want. In simple words, if you are fed up of reapplying nail polish because your nail colour keeps fading then gel polish is what you need. Also, gel nail polish is where you can get the fancy nail art done with studs or rhinestones or sticker as the UV bonds them to the nails which ensures its longevity.

How to remove gel nail polish or Acrylic Overlay from your nails?

We cannot remove either of them at home. The nails needs to be soaked with acetone and then buffed professionally. That’s how durable they are.

Does it affect your original nails?

Long time usage does. While many people get them occasionally, I for one want them to last long so I keep removing my Acrylic gel nails and keep reapplying them. My nails are already weak so to me, Acrylic nails provide strength and makes them look good so why not?

How many times have you applied gel or Acrylic nail?

Since August 2015.

What do you currently have on your nails?

Since I recently removed my nail extensions earlier this month, I have applied the Acrylic overlay over my original nails and applied gel nail polish with glitter nail art. This is the state of my nails 3 weeks after the gel polish was applied but it again depends on how soon your nail grows.

How long does the procedure take?

Nail extensions with Acrylic Overlay and simple polish takes over 1 and a half hour but if you want nail art I suggest you keep atleast 3 hours free.


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How expensive is it to get fake nails?

Here is the list I got from Bounce just now. 

Acrylic Overlay with Nail extensions: Rs.2500 +tax

Gel polish – Rs.1715 + tax

French Gel Polish: Rs.1070 + tax

Nail art:  RS 1500 – 150 per nail (base rate). Prices may vary depending on how elaborate the nail art is.

OPi polish application: Rs.315+ tax

Acrylic infills: Rs.1600 + tax

How do you feel after getting the nails done?

100% super! (ok that was just for humour)

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Nail art and Acrylic Overlay done at Bounce Salons (service can be done across all Bounce salons on appointment) 

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I hope you enjoyed this entry and do let me know what you think about gel and acrylic nails and if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend!


Nilu Yuleena

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