This week has been a pretty dramatic week for me. Changes in the organisational structure of BHLM, the decision to increase our team members to create more and more content, has honestly been a bit taxing for me. I’ve never hired an extra help to help me run BHLM in the past but I’ve been thinking that I need to get rid of the mindset and add in individuals who can contribute so much more to creating variables in what we do. And it’s going to take us sometime to hand over some of my responsibilities to someone I believe will be an asset to our team.

I shot this look when I was feeling a bit messed in head. Creating content is an escape and there is never a day when posting a new content doesn’t please me. I had this coat dress which multiples as a trenchcoat/ a dress / Coat dress, with me for sometime and I’d been meaning to post a look with this.

I personally find this look very refreshing. A break from my frilly, printed dresses into something more sober and formal. Also the slit in my Chicwish Coat dress seemed to complement this knee length Jewel embellished Perspex heels that I recently got from Ego. I’ve had my eyes on this Riri Inspired heels for months now and I eventually gave up and added this to my collection. And in comparison to my previous perspex heels ( which are very photogenic only) these heels, besides looking super extra, are pretty comfortable too. Now my version of comfortable is different as I’m used to wearing heels for hours without having a back ache. I think I owe it all to my leg days which is more painful than wearing heels for hours. Anyways compared to most heels, I found this pair pretty comfortable as the additional two supporting straps makes balancing easier.

I chose this Chicwish dress for multiple reasons.

  1. I always choose versatile clothing. I try to avoid going to events or meetings in jeans. Because when I go to any place work related, I believe I should project my image as the blogger I’ve been invited as. And besides I can always wear casual clothes most of the time. So for occasions when I represent myself as BHLM and not Nilu, I collect outfits that are more suitable for the occasion.
  2.  I’ve always been an avid lover of trench coats and I love dresses. So I couldn’t really pass on the opportunity to get myself an outfit that was the combination of both.
  3.  I can style this multiple ways. I can wear it as a coat, as a dress or just use the upper layer as a cape. Which means more looks for me to create and it gives me more versatility in styling my outfits.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a DM on my Instagram which I feel I should address in this post while I’m at it. The concern was about wanting to wear things but fearing the judgement of the masses. If someone with a similar mindset is reading this post then I have a message for you –  I feel that what we wear should be what we like, without bothering about if we might get mocked for wearing it. Your style is your own, it reflects your personality and yours alone and anyone who can’t even differentiate between culottes and half pants has no right to mock anyone who’s more fashion oriented. In a place like Bangalore, I even wear fur coats when the temperature dips down just a bit. Because if I cared about pleasing everyone, I wouldn’t even bother calling myself a Style Blogger. I take pride in my collection, in what I wear because everything I wear is meticulously planned from the moment I add that item of clothing to my cart. And I wouldn’t want to yearn looking at someone wishing I could carry something off. As long as you believe you can carry it off, I say go for it. Experiment! for you’ll realise then how alive it makes you feel, doing something different. I play a lot with my makeup, my hair, my looks for the sole adrenaline rush I get in making myself look different than I looked yesterday and believe me it is so much fun!

Until then, I’ll stop this post for now as we have a pretty exciting day ahead where I’ve undertaken a styling project after several years! I’m super stoked about it and wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by! And as always, Believe in yourself!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Nilu, I thought this was going to be a post about a trench coat but I have to say I really like it as a dress… it is such a sweet look on you… a really nice color too xox
    I can’t wait to hear more about your styling project, you sound very excited xox

  • OMG, you look super sassy and utterly sophisticated in this trench dress. I am in awe with the minimalist styling too as you let our eyeballs fall on the gorgeous gladiator sandals. And I love your makeup and hair styling and that you carried an olive green bag to go with the look. I love your advice about going for whatever we personally want to wear and stop looking for approval. You’re the best example to follow as in every thing that you do, you go all out and I for one, LOVE that about you and in my personal life, that’s how I am too. Just because someone isn’t comfortable with wearing certain things, doesn’t mean the rest of us should limit our choices! Congrats of your upcoming styling project. I send you loads of love! <3 xoxo

  • Ayushi shah

    Love the last para of the post! Also the outfit is stunning❤

  • Tamara Chloé

    Fabulous look amd photos hon! I love it all <3

    Enjoy a spectacular weekend Nilu xx

    Tamara Chloé


  • I say dibs on your whole outfit. I will provide my shipping address – just kidding. Loving your outfit. keep the styles coming.