Down by the River



Dining in a boat, in the middle of the river. Fancy isn’t it? Well I had not expected to experience that anytime soon. Atleast not while we were planning to go to Evolve Back resorts Kabini, for our blog anniversary. This trip has been an amazing trip but then all Evolve back resorts makes you feel special I guess. Evolve Back Resorts, formerly known as Orange County Resorts has always made me feel spoiled. So whenever I want to literally break free, I plan a trip to Evolve Back resorts, just to be pampered there. Evolve Back Resorts has given me experiences I’ve not experienced in any other resorts earlier. Besides the amazing property, the hospitality is superb, the food is the tastiest and the facilities and extra curricular activities they plan for you just makes you feel like a Queen. Atleast I feel like one everytime I visit their property.

When I first laid my eyes on this boat meant for honeymoon dining actually, I couldn’t get rid of the idea that I wanted to dine there. This was too good an opportunity to miss. So when I requested this of the staffs at Kabini Resort, they obliged to my request and prepared this boat for me. I guess I’m pretty pushy at times but hey, I just longed to be here. For I’d never experienced anything of this kind before. And believe me when I write the experience is surreal. And I would love to have this experience over and over again. Maybe not so frequently to maintain the significance of the moment but yes I’d love to experience it again.


Coming to the outfit, I wanted to replicate the ripple of the waves of the river Kabini that was just beginning to fill when we reached there since the river is dry during the summer season. And I had a perfect outfit to do that. This metallic skirt that I recently got from Chicwish again. You might probably be tired of reading Chicwish in all my posts but I’m just addicted to their website. Not a day goes when I don’t browse through the new arrivals there, and add things to my wishlist. And I just ordered another 5 items for a trip I’m going to make soon in exactly three weeks from today. For which I’m super excited but let us leave that bit here for I don’t really want to break the surprise. So I decided to do a little photoshoot in this picturesque place and I styled this look, specifically to match the surrounding. Ripples in my skirt that replicated the waves. But I said that already didn’t I.








This skirt, no matter how beautiful is looks, is not justified by the pictures. And is probably my absolute favourite at the moment. Since I love it so much – from the shimmer, the flow of the fabric, the material and the colour, I had such a hard time deciding on how to style this skirt. And while the influence I got from social media, which unconsciously registers into my mind, made me think of styling this with a basic probably a vintage tee – I did not really want to wear it the way I see a lot of fashionistas styling it. So being a dramatic woman that I am, I decided to add a bit of drama to my look. With pleats of different sizes ( notice the top) and mesh and a sleeveless woollen vest.  I found this look pretty unconventional yet a look that screams my personal style. And I hope you like it. To tune the rose gold theme of my outfit, I added blacks to it because as they say, when in doubt you wear black and this new messenger bag from Michael Kors served as the perfect accessory to complete this look. Atleast to me. And I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed creating it. During this shoot, the wind served as a perfect hair styling component and I didn’t need any hair styling at all, for which I’m mighty glad because I love how it looks here. Though it doesn’t look like this at all everyday and I have to spend minutes of my life trying to make my hair behave. I guess every bit of me loved the soul of this place. That’s what a getaway does to you I believe. The peacefulness of this place just clings to you and I’m glad that after my trip to Kabini, I was able to return back as a happier, relaxed person. Anyways, more from Kabini coming soon in the travelogue series before I begin the US stories.

I’m wearing:

Skirt: Chicwish [ same here ]

Mesh Top: Chicwish [ Same here ]

Woolen Vest : Streetshop in Taiwan

Heels: Charles and Keith

Messenger Bag: Michael Kors [ here ]

Location: Evolve Back Resorts, Kabini

Photography: Lal Sanglyan @teamBHLM

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have an amazing day!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • VarunaJithesh
  • Beautiful place Nilu. I have heard how beautiful a place Kabini is and these pictures do proper justice to it!


  • You have no idea how much I love this OOTD of yours and that wind-styled winning hair. Hahaha. Love how mixed pleats on pleats here and the way you layered with the vest, and that bag! I kept looking at it, I think I just have a love for that half-circle shape. You are so right about the boat dinner thing being fancy AF! It is so nice you get to experience this at your favorite resort. I felt the peacefulness of the place from your shots and how you seemed so very rejuvenated in each photo! Always a pleasure coming to your space, sis. Keep that fire alive! Love you <3 xoxo