Denimize The World Version 2.0


What do we look for in a Good Denim?

Almost sounds like a SEO query but believe me this post has nothing of that kind that will bring my blogpost to the top of the search results. However it does give certain insights on what I look for in a good denim.

  1. Good fit.
  2. Comfort.

You may have noticed how long I’ve been wearing the ONLY denims and I’m so proud to present to you my version of Denimize the World ( Version 2.0) that I named myself, because this post marks the second year that I’m able to project my styling on Denim on Denim through my posts, featuring ONLY India.





So when I thought about creating a denim on denim look, I didn’t really go far from the the denim looks that I’d been creating. By that I mean choosing denim shirts every-time where I could have used a denim top as well. However, since I’ve chosen two denim bottoms, which are superbly comfortable and fits snugly while highlighting my assets in the right place ( if I can be honest) I have chosen a light denim shirt which is loose and allows me to feel comfortable in this blistering heat, along with a denim dress which I’ve styled as an outer. Just because the denim bottoms and the dress used as a op looked like a match made in heaven! And I had been looking for a denim outer which looks like a trench coat for ages, so I found that I could use this denim dress from ONLY as an outer and decided to take my chance!

I’m a sucker for embroidered denims. While I see a lot of floral embroidered denims doing the rounds in the market, I found this quirky one in ONLY that is very unique. I love patches and while I have collected a fair share of clothing with patchwork, I love how this denim bottomwear has these cute slogans embroidered on them. And while I stress on the comfort factor, I love wearing these when I’m in off-work mode. When I’m not representing my blog anywhere but rather enjoying my personal life. And by that I mean hanging out with a barefaced look, no red lips, no heels and drinking out with friends or maybe going on a shopping spree. Like on a weekend off from work.


But coming back to looking chic and feeling fabulous donning a denim on denim, I would choose to wear the denims I’m wearing here with heels. For some reason, layering makes me feel incredibly good and I chose this look to create a denim and denim look, layering this pair of stylish yet comfortable denims with a dress which I mentioned earlier, that doubles as an outer.

I like ONLY denims because I find them very comfortable yet they always come with the coolest designs that makes your otherwise same looking denim stand out. I chose this two bottomwear for this post but I’m eyeing some other pieces too in the store. They are incredibly comfortable and stretchable and I find myself wearing ONLY denims a lot because of the style quotient it adds on to a casual look. I love how they have denims with ripped hem, patches but above all it is the fit that sells me to these denims. I love how these brand denim fits on me perfectly and by that I mean no alteration required for a petite 5’1 person too!

And now, here is the deal – ONLY India is running an offer where you can buy one denim in any outlets at 15% off and two denims for 25% off. And for all you fashionistas that reads my blog – You can use an additional 5% off your denim purchase at ONLY using the code NILUDENIMIZE . That means 20% off one denims and 30% two denims which is valid from 14th April to 7th May. So you miss out on this opportunity will you?



ONLY India Denims that are running a discount of 15% off 1 denim and 25% off 2 denims.

Use Coupon Code: NILUDENIMIZE to get an additional 5% off on your denims.

Hope you liked this entry!


Nilu Yuleena.

Location Courtesy: District 6 Bangalore.

Photography: Lal Sanglyan


  • I’m with Danielle, I love how you do your denim on denim look! So effortless and chic. I also think your hair is beyond gorgeous in this shade, length and stylling and your makeup too. Something about it is soft, almost like a low-key no-make-up makeup look and I especially love how your eyes look here sis. So pretty and I don’t know what you did but keep on doing that! Sanglyan did a brilliant job capturing you casually hanging out, I just love the vibe, setting and YOU! 😀 x

  • Follow My Gut

    Nilu! I’ve been gone from your blog for a while because the last month was a hectic one for me but I’m so glad to be back and I love your new hair color. Well I always love your hair color but I think this is such a nice shade on you! When it comes to the double denim I never know how to pull it off. I see some people (ahem, you included my dear) and you guys can pull it off so nicely. So great job on being able to pair a denim top and bottoms together so well! And yes they hug you in the right places! <3

    Danielle | <3

    • Danielle! Welcome back! Hope all is well at your end now! And Thank you for your kind words! <3

  • This is really cool collection of denimzz.. thanks for posting

  • I love this total denim look Nilu! Both the jeans and the shirt are divine! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Anusha Kondapaturi

    Love the way you have styled Denim on Denim. Perfection.