Dafni Hair Bar Experience


A couple of days ago I went to experience my first Dafni Hair Bar experience held in the Nykaa Luxe Stall in VR Bengaluru after using the Dafni Brush for almost a month. I’d heard a lot about the Electric hair Straightening Brush and also seen a lot of videos and I finally managed to get my hands on this brush last month. You may be curious to know how this brush works and the specifics so I’ll try to be as detailed as possible in this post.

Dafni brush is an Electric Ceramic Hair Brush that straightens your hair as you run the comb through your hair. You need to be tedious in the process and you can see the brush work its magic by the time you have run the comb thrice through your hair. So yes, it works as it says it does.

But then again, is it similar to straightening your hair with a straightening iron?

I would say No. Because while the straigtening iron tends to leave a weird mark at the place you start straightening your hair from, Dafni brush on the other hand is just combing your hair while the ceramic bristles start straightening the hair that just won’t stop misbehaving!

How long does the procedure to straighten the hair take?

I’d say, it depends on your hair length and the thickness of your hair. My hair may be short but it is extremely thick and if by mistake I fall asleep with my hair damp, then the morning aftershock is worse than getting the hangover you’ve always dreaded because the short strands tends to curl in all directions possible and it just won’t settle down no matter how many times I try to smoothen it with a hair setting potion!

Are there any conditions for using the Brush?

Yes. It is extremely important that you need the instructions provided with the brush as it is an Electric Brush. Which basically means, you cannot use it on damp hair unless you want your hair singed! When I use Dafni I use it on clean, dried hair. You can also use it on not so clean hair provided it is not wet. Take precautions while using the brush near your ears since the instruction label says it might heat your ear but that personally didn’t happen to me. I also use this brush to comb my hair at the nape of my hair which is very close to my skin and have had no issues so far.



Why Dafni over a Hair Straightener?

Firstly, it consumes less time and that matters a lot to women like me who takes hours to decide what to wear and what lipstick to apply. Secondly, ease of use. We are just brushing our hair while getting our hair shiny and smooth looking. Thirdly, I like how it gives a natural looking smoothness to the hair in comparison to poker straight hair one gets while using a straight iron. Lastly, I would prefer to travel anywhere with just a Dafni Brush than with an ordinary hair Brush and a Straightener because all I have to do is use Dafni everyday to get a hair that looks well maintained.

As luck would have it, Dafni finally came to Bangalore last week where various users had the chance to experience the Brush first hand in the Hair Bar and purchase it there if they wanted. This also gave me the opportunity to interact with different girls and discuss hair care issues as my hair, which is currently growing from a pixie, is simply unmanageable. I was able to interact with girls with various hair length and texture and see to myself that Dafni is indeed not a bad choice at all. I also heard that another Dafni Brush would be coming to the market soon but I’m just so happy with this Ceramic Brush!



Dafni Ceramic Brush can be purchased online in Tressmart [ here ]

Do let me know what do you think of this hair straightening brush trend and if you have any questions, please put them in the comment below and I’d be happy to help!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Ankrish Bhayana

    nice photos..

    I like the blog post . great stuff to read .

  • I first saw your demo of the brush on Instagram and I learned to use mine the way you combed yours as I can be quite awkward with heat gadgets like this, hahah. Now, I can say that I’m able to use the ceramic brush more confidently. After all, your hair is shorter than mine and you made the brush look so easy to use, sis, thank you so much for that. I like that your hair is growing into an asymmetrical lob..there’s something so sleek with that long front short back look and you wear it so gracefully. I love your lippie and dress, btw! <3 xoxo

  • Aya

    I’ve been wanting one of these brushes for a long time, i was indecisive cause i heard that it could damage your hair but is it true ?! After this article i think i’m gonna get one and try it !! By the way i LOVE your hair color, not a lot of people can rock this hair color but you look amazing i love it !! Xx


  • Fabulous photos!!

    || D I A N A ||

  • I’m actually getting one of these brushes for Valentina … I will be sure to tell her to use it on very dry hair… her hair is long and thick… a bit unruly too xox ♡ 😍