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Can I write that I’m currently experiencing a moment of transition in my life where everything I’m so accustomed to, is changing? I suppose I can. Take for example, my growing hair, which at the moment, I’m facing a lot of problem with the styling, as it is neither long to tie nor short to just let it be. I can also take into account my change in weight at the moment as I always put on weight during winter. While I find this tremendously annoying, blame it on discontinuing with my regular exercise and junk eating, I can also say that my old skinny denims feels the same as I always seem to have a moment struggling to fit into them.

So I tackled this issue by getting into my life this boyfriend jeans with a drawstring which I found incredibly cool from the latest collection at ONLY India and this loose shirt with tiny embroidered hearts which is really cute. I’ve realised that I find my kind of clothes in ONLY most of the time. From Graphic tees to distressed denims they always have something that I really like in their collection. I chanced upon this boyfriend denims styled on the mannequin in their store and I just knew I had to have it. I found this bottoms to be the perfect combination of two things that I love – Jogger Pants and Boyfriend Denims. And I didn’t even think twice while picking this one last week.



I’m wearing:

Shirt , Jeans, Jacket: ONLY India

I’ve always been an avid lover of denim jeans and while I customised my old boyfriend one with patches some months ago, trying this jacket made me realise how perfect the fit of this jacket is. It is seldom that we find clothes where the fit is so perfect that it makes your posture look good too. Though I really didn’t intend to get a new jacket, the shape and fit of this jacket sold me over and I decided to add this to my look as well. I was just trying different tops to see how this boyfriend denims would look with different tops but this combination looked so good in the dressing room that it eventually ended up in my cart. And these are at the moment – My Current Favourites.

I hope you enjoyed this entry.


Nilu Yuleena.

Photography: Lal Sanglyan

Styling, Makeup and Edits: Yours Truly.

  • Pankhuri Singhvi

    Love this look Nilu from denims to heels to your lipstick… I’ve always followed you on Instagram but after meeting you at the Nykaa Event I fell in love with you 🙂

  • Nilu, I love how cute you look dressed so casually… I too have added some weight but changes are on the way… xox

    I know about your hair issues, I am going though growing pains with my hair, I am almost there, I usually have a big clip holding my hair off my face… I am treating myself to a new cut and color in the next month… it is long overdue xox

  • KishaRose

    Gawgeous! I love the entire look. I love your blog. keep inspiring.

  • idu

    Hope you have an outstanding week babe!

  • Follow My Gut

    Transitions are such good and bad things. Good because it means, something new is coming, but bad because it means there’s a point where things are just too hard or uncomfortable. I too hate hair transitions because it’s always a place where you’re hair can’t fit in a ponytail or it’s too short or at a weird length. I think in just a bit your hair will be in a perfect place! But hair aside, I love that you found Only India and that they have clothes that fit you during these oh-so-fun transitions. Thank goodness for companies that can come in and help out in a time like that, right? As always, I love love love your outfits!!! And your hair too girl =]

    Danielle | <3

  • HI Nilu! Great post! I absolutely love the outfit. That jacket fits to perfectly!


  • Wow! Cool outfit! These jeans are perfect!

  • I love this post in light blue darling Nilu! The shirt and bag are especially amazing! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  • Sooae Lee

    awesome hat! your lips, your heels everything screams perfection! also why are you sooo gorgeous? xO!


  • OMG, this is so officially one of my fave looks from you this year. I love that jogger denim and the sweet top with heart embroidery and the perfect jacket. And how you made it chic with those sleek heels and straight-up street-style it with the cap and bag. URGHH, sis why you gotta look so good all the time!! I mean, it’s great, but now I am feeling like I should step up my dressing game. This look has all kinds of details that I like that has a very NILU style stamp! I’ll go meditate now, heheh. Love you sis. You are always superbly inspiring and I want you to know that! 😀 xoxo

  • idu

    I styled joggers this weekend too, not sure when it will make it to the blog cos I have too many pictures. Winter tends to have us eating a lot cos were indoors most of the time. But you look great girl!

    • Thank you dear Idu❤ you’re always the stylish person ever 💙💙💙

  • You’re making this boyish look so sexy and feminine. How are you doing it? 🙂
    Oh, that awkward stage of hair. I wish to skip that too, but it’s part of the deal.

    • Haha I know right Lux! Thank you for liking this look. I used to be a tomboy as a teenager so I still dig this kind of look at times 😀

  • Totally in love with this look since I saw it for the first time. Loving how you styled this whole ensemble. 🙂