Chain Link and color shock


This was one of my outfits of the week and busy though I was , me and my friends decided to take some time out to de-stress ourselves.

I wore a chain link design shirt heard this print is pretty common these days ) and though I have recently done a post wearing read pants I couldnt help not combining the shirt with this pant again πŸ™

I wore a spike necklace and earring that I recently received on a parcel from ebay.

I literally suck at posing and try as I may.. I always feel shy taking pics (though I secretly love to be photographed ) The big pimple on my forehead isnt exactly helping πŸ™

I recently redyed my hair! Its pretty much the same color but I dont know feels more vibrant than before! I do miss my dark brown hair too at days πŸ™‚

Later after several awkward poses I decided to run away and it was then my friend captured some natural poses of me stomping away! And I actually loved it and decided to share it πŸ™‚

Phew!! Photo session finally over! Have a happy weekend!

Nilu Yuleena