Carpe Diem


Procrastinate Do it Now

One of the easiest things for us to do is put ourselves off from doing something. I’ve procrastinated so much in the past which led to so many thing piling up in my life that it eventually made me start feeling negative emotions on anything I attempted to do later on. I used the excuse of working hours as an excuse for delaying things in my personal life. However I’ve pulled up my socks and made some progressive changes in my life. Starting from – beginning my day at 7am as opposed to waking at 1pm as I did earlier. I’ve also finally joined a gym for the first time in my life. For a change, I’ve even started monitoring my diet. This is so different than the me I was a month back and I’ve already started feeling the benefits of changing my lifestyle. And now I’ve even started preaching to other people to put aside an hour for themselves to dedicate towards their body. It’ll take me months to get the kind of body I aspire to have but a step had to be taken towards that path and I feel so much better already.



Last week I went on a Snapchat rant – Talking about depression that plagues me from time to time. I’m a very emotional person. I always believe I feel very deep. They say Piscean people tend to have that problem and no matter how hard I try to control myself, I always fall victim to either feeling ecstatic or very low. There is usually no in-between. I was experiencing one of those low moment last week when I decided to go onto Snapchat to vent my feelings on thoughts that’d been plaguing me. I believe the best way to connect and build virtual relationships is to be as original as possible and having said that – the amount of love I got that day and the following days on my Snapchat miraculously made me feel I was just feeling low for nothing. And that I was loved. I never expected to go online for emotional support but the relationship I’ve built with all of you, without even knowing you in person has changed me. And with the flame of motivation that has been lit since then, I decided to push myself a step further and do things I had never done before. I decided to seize every moment of my day as if it was my last.  I decided happiness is made in the mind and only you can decide how to make yourself happy. And I decided to incorporate things in my life that would make me a happier person when I go to bed every night. Now I walk for 5 kms a day, I train myself in the gym for an hour maximum and sometimes I even go swimming 2-4 times a week. And while adding fitness into my life makes me happy, I also feel accomplished at having done something productive at the end of the day. I put my phone on DND and then I dedicate those hours to myself alone. Because working for money all the time is not really what fulfils me. What I cherish is what I’m able to do in the hours I am awake and how to make the best out of it.  Both Monetarily and spiritually.

Coming back to this look, as I mentioned earlier, I stopped Procrastinating. Which means a collaboration with Romi Thokchom had been pending for a very very long time is finally completed. Or rather a string of future collaborations with her has just begun.  Romi is an excellent hair and makeup artist and while we are good friends, we’d never really got to working together inspite of planning it for months. And after the Snapchat fiasco I decided to do everything I’d told myself I would do. Starting with a collaboration with Romi to do my hair and makeup which we can finally tick off from our to do list. And braiding my hair. That’s ticked off too. For some it would seem nearly impossible to braid an overgrown pixie with a hair length so short and since I wanted this hairstyle really badly, Romi actually made it happen for me. Ah and Yes! my wishes of having a long hair also got fulfilled momentarily without using a wig since we used extensions to add the hair length. Since I’ve had a pixie for a very long time, I craved for braiding my hair and while that seems like a possibility now, Romi styled my hair so well that I just couldn’t get myself to open these braids even after a day!




I’m wearing:

Eyelet Crochet Frill Hem Skirt in Wine: Chicwish [ Buy here ]

Top: Gifted by Apoorva from Appycat Street

Knit Ankle Boot with Wooden Heels: Ego Official [ Buy here]

Bag: Desigual

Classic Petite Watch and Cuff: Daniel Wellington ( Melrose)  [ Buy here ] 15% off using coupon code NILUDW


Hair and Makeup: Romi Thokchom

Photography: Lal Sanglyan

Hope you enjoyed this entry and have an amazing day!


Nilu Yuleena.


  • Sis, gorgeous braids. I wouldn’t undo them for about a week if I can keep my head pristine, hahah. You look stunning in this makeup, I don’t know what it is but it really shows off those delicate cheek bones and your facial features. This look is so rebellious in styling, it has a mix of rock, retro and even boho, I feel if I were to categorize it. It’s good to have emotional support whether offline or online. I am glad that you felt good connecting with those that support, admire and love you through Snapchat, sis. Stay brave my sweet sis. You are blessed! And if you feel like ranting in the future, I’m all ears and eyeballs <3 😀 xoxo