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If I can add a kind of warning before anyone starts reading my post – I must say that this post is probably a bit hypnotic to some who doesn’t really like an overload of color.

As always I’ve gone overboard with the colors. Not in terms of saturation but in terms of everything I am at the moment to finding the perfect location to match my “candied” post. Would you believe if I tell you that this was not intentionally done? You probably won’t perhaps but by chance cafe-hopping (don’t know if its a term) near my house, looking for a place to call our lunch joint led us to discover this quaint pretty cafe. The post isn’t about the cafe ofcourse, but I haven’t written in so long that I must admit, I missed it! And while I have loads of photos waiting to be converted into a blogpost, chances are you’ll see varied shades of my hair in the upcoming posts as I had so many hair-color changes in the time I have been creating blogpost content but I was a bit out of time to update my posts.

But, I haven’t been idling. I’ve just been preoccupied. Occupied with working on campaigns which you can see on my Instagram and facebook if you follow me on those handles ( @bighairloudmouth) and occupied with learning. The truth is, I’m incredibly interested in filming lately. I’ve been so invested in editing the last few years that suddenly making videos seems to take my fancy and I enjoy doing it. So much so that just before I began to type this post today, I just ordered myself a GoPro 6 with accessories to start making films. It’ll go on the BHLM Vlog but I’ll also be posting some of them on my Instagram depending on the kind of footages I manage to get. I have captured some clippings of how we did this hair, the coloring with my favourite Naina at High Gloss salon in Lavelle Road and I hope to publish it on my very boring YouTube Channel soon. Hope this year I’ll be able to create quality videos, to show you my perspective of things, life literally. My first trip is going to start in a couple of weeks where I’ll be attending one of my close friend’s destination wedding where I intend to stray a bit and explore the place after the wedding.





As you can see, this year I went all out and did a crazy haircolor again. Of all the hair colors I’ve tried, this was one color change that I was afraid I may not be able to pull off. I was pretty skeptical when I initially started going out with this hair but I guess a 24 hour cushion period to get accustomed to the sudden colorburst after a period of sober silverish hair was all I needed to fall in love with this one. I absolutely love how my hair color now defines my personality. I guess by now most of you associate me as being a colorful person. Which I am, there is no denying that but I sometimes question my choices. I always tend to choose the most colorful colors in the salon when I’m colouring my hair and I tend to think about it after the coloring is done and when I reach home. But then again, my blog has been named BIG hair for a reason! Colored hair has always made me feel good and I can’t even imagine how I’ll look in my natural brown hair color after having been coloring my hair for so long. With the hair care products that are available in the market, I’m not even concerned about hair damage now as I feel I’ve become quite a pro at hair care to ensure that I don’t get bald. Now that didn’t sound right now. To ensure that I can experiment more with my hair.

My styling in this post is pretty basic. Slouchy sweaters and high necks are my current favourite and while the highneck is actually seperate, I loved how it complements that one yellow flower in this slouchy piece I recently got from Chicwish. I always get the most pretty items from Chicwish and this sweater is one amongst the many sweaters that I shopped last month from the website. I like wearing clothes that are a bit different than what we always get here in the stores and hence I always find myself browsing for new arrivals there. I have already compiled my wishlist for Jan but I can’t seem to decide whether I should get more winter-wear ( considering the weather in Bangalore) or if I should start shopping for summer already. Also with this hair-color that I’m sporting now which is bound to last for a few months, I think opting for quirky looks throughout the duration would be my best bet. I tend to match my hair to my outfits. I don’t know why but I’m very particular to, how do I put it, follow a theme when I dress. This look revolves around the Quirky whimsical part of my Style that includes my old vintage glasses from Giant Vintage and these pretty yellow heels ( to match that one yellow flower of my sweater) from Ego Official. I only wore these heels less than 7 times I think, once when I was going out, twice during IIFA 2017 and then once when I made the Titan Sunglasses video which you can see on my Instagram and then here in this post. The block heels make them incredibly comfortable which explains why a shoot for what was supposed to be my Instagram OOTD turned into a blogpost. And I’m glad I could make this post finally because I’d really missed writing and I can also show to you how my current hair looks like. 

My 2018 started on a good note and has suddenly turned whimsical if I can say. This weekend I found out, a certain big brand has been using my image (downloaded from the blogpost) without my permission to decorate their store lift. It so happened that I chanced upon the store to shop the sales, only to see a poster size version of me covering the span of the lift door when I tried to go to the upper floors. I felt embarrassed, commercialised, commodified… I don’t even know how to express it. It is one thing to make a blogpost which is made out of passion to engage and create a community. It is another to have someone steal the fruit of your labour to adorn their stores. Honestly I’m still a bit shocked and I’m still humiliated. I don’t consider myself as a model but I’m someone who is my own model, my own writer, my own stylist, my own makeup artist, editor, creative director, conceptualiser, manager, accounts person and yet that brand, with the act of stealing my photo that has apparently been used as a lift cover for 3 years, seems to have diminished my self worth with that one act. I felt that our hard work and the hours it takes to create content for a blog isn’t so that anyone can steal my images for their benefit. And I hope I’ll get all the help I need to get justice for this. Some magazines have been using my images without my notice, without any image credit and I find that out through helpful DMs but I feel like, how do I put it, someone who cooked food with a lot of effort, went out for a bit, just to come back to an empty dish. I need people to understand, my images are not for download purpose but how many can I stop? So I’ve been slightly slow this year because I need to learn how to act in situations like this. And even as I write this, I feel the anger, the hurt welling inside me.


I’m wearing

Sweater : Chicwish [ same here ]

High Neck: Splash Fashions

Denim Skirt: Streetwear

Heels: EGO shoes

Bag: COACH Mercer

Glasses: Giant Vintage

I hope you enjoyed this entry, made after more than a month and I Thank You all for visiting this space today.

Happy New Year!

Have a lovely day!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Nilu, you could get in contact with the store and discuss the next course of action. I’m sure something will come up that will be a win-win for both parties. I really love this pop shoot of yours with all the happy colors. It really made me feel like I’m looking at a creative in her own zone. You said this outfit is basic and I had to smile because you and your outfit are so far from basic. I see a lot of exciting little details in every outfit you compose and I’m so excited to see more of your hair revolution because you make it so fun always. Happy new year to my beautiful and talented sis! Please slay 2018 like you mean it! Heheh 😀 xoxo

  • Tamara Chloé

    You look amazinggggg with this new hair Nilu! I love everything, the outfit, location and makeu wow! ❤️

    xx Tamara Chloé