Bridging the Gap





Number is just a digit. It doesn’t represent how wise we are, it doesn’t represent how old we are, it doesn’t represent our worth. I say this because when I was briefed about the ONLYxDonald collection – in the stores now, I asked myself if it was stupid of me to don a Disney character especially when I’m nearing my 30s. And as soon as the thought occurred to me, I wanted to smack myself. 30 is just a number! I’m 29 by the way and I write it proudly for you all to read because what is the big deal if I’m almost thirty? People somehow find the truth eventually so why pretend to be not my age? I’ve had this discussion with so many friends who keep saying that we are getting old but are we really? Why let numbers determine how we feel about ourselves? I may have existed for 29 years but do I feel like a mammoth? Hell No! So this post is for all of you in your late twenties or early thirties or even 40’s and 50’s! I may cry like Rachel did in Friends when she turned 30 just for the sheer drama if nothing else. For you are what you think you are. My age may determine how long I’e existed but they in no way determine if I’m too old or too young for anything! As long as I love something, as long as something excites me, makes me interested – I’m totally up for it! And I wear this Disney Characters Shirt as a dress without a moment’s hesitation. Why? Because I love Disney Characters and I would wear a Mickey Mouse headband any-day and run for 3 days in Disneyland with it. Am I old to be wearing Disney Characters? I’ve taken my mind out of the muck. I’m never old to wear anything I want to wear as long as I want to wear it. And you should remember that too. 

And this look is me bridging the Gap between the girl version of me that loved Donald Duck and the current woman version of me that styles them in thigh high denim boots. This look is me bridging the gap between the innocent girl and the woman that I’ve become now – someone who experiments with her looks everyday. From an innocent lover of Disney Character to someone who struts in high heels, plays with makeup, does her hair to match the vibe of her outfit.







The collection:

I’ve always liked the Disney Collections ONLY India comes up with once or twice a year! You have seen me wearing ONLYxMickey , ONLYxGarfield and now this is my version of ONLYxDonald. I thought I would use this shirt dress as a layer when I initially got it but since the fabric isn’t see through, I’m happy I can use this as a dress too! And I will probably even layer a skirt over it just for the sheer fun of playing with clothes. When I decided to wear this garment as a dress, this thigh high boots seemed like the perfect footwear to create this look when I was planning it. I also love the sweatshirts from this collection especially the yellow one with Hmmm written on it. Chances are I’ll get that one for myself soon! This collection has shirts, tops which are crafted for fun people I’d write! People who aren’t afraid to add a little bit of quirk in their outfits. And you know me, I’m all about adding these quirky pieces to my look for to me, prints and colours makes me feel alive.

I hope you enjoyed this look and enjoyed reading the content!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Why are you so stylish, I can’t even! Hahah. I think you completely slayed and shredded this Disney look to perfection. I love your hair, makeup, shoes EVERYTHING. WOW. I know…it’s nothing new. But it’s true! LOL. I love you! And what you said about age and the constant judgment over whether we’re too old for this or that has got to go! I will wear whatever I like even when I’m 60! 😀 x

  • I really like your look!
    So cute and fresh 🙂


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  • Sooae Lee

    oh my gosh~~~ only you could wear mickey and look so chic!!! i LOVE your blue eyeliner/shadow you are so gorg! xO!


  • Ellone Andreea