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Bounce Salon and Spa Whitefield Bangalore Review -21


I think, one either gets pampered by choice, or someone else pampers you. In my case, its both. I like to pamper myself and Bounce Style Lounge adds on to that. My snapchat and other social media channels are definitive proof of the same. As I keep saying, I’m so addicted to going to Bounce that I now find them as my second home!

Being named as their ambassador came as a sweet surprise. Having gone to Bounce for many years, it was a very emotional moment for me when Bounce decided to make me the face of the Brand. And I think everything about me screams Bounce now for there is not a single day that I suffer from a bad hair day or a bad nail day. I’ve given my skincare and haircare and nail care and body care responsibility completely to the hands of the talented people at Bounce who now know what suits me and what doesn’t.

This post is on my recent trip to Bounce Whitefield – the newest outlet in Bangalore that I’d never visited. I happened to be in Whitefield for some work and when my work got over faster than I’d expected, I decided to give Bounce Whitefield a visit. And I was so impressed by how friendly the staff are and the decor and hygiene.

The most surprising moment to me was probably the time I found the location of Bounce Whitefield. As I looked up the building, I could see an image of myself starting down at me and I should say I felt a sense of pride and also felt a little awkward. And I say this because 1. I’m still getting used to the idea of staring at a banner of myself and 2. It also makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, a small sense of pride. Now I won’t gloat about it, I was just being a model during this shoot, but I write this because two years ago when I quit my job – I’d never expected to be so lucky! And I’m so Thankful of everything that has come my way so far. And I wish to work harder to make many more awesome things possible.

So being the fickle minded woman that I am, instead of doing one service that I was initially planning to do, I ended up getting a Comfort Zone body spa, a Me Bath pedicure and a finger nail colour change. I’ve experimented with almost all the spa services in Bounce and Oryza and I did the Sacred Nature – Organic Body Ritual again which I feel is very helpful to eliminate the dead cells, leaving my skin smooth and supple. The Organic Body Ritual is a mild scrub for people with sensitive skin and since I fall into tat category, I’ve found this Ritual very helpful for my dry, sensitive skin.Bounce Salon and Spa Whitefield Bangalore Review -20

Bounce Salon and Spa Whitefield Bangalore Review -24The next service I did was a Me Bath Pedicure that is my favourite Pedicure in Bounce. It is an elaborate pedicure spa that takes almost 90 mins but the exfoliation followed by a moisturising session makes your feet feel like a baby’s. I do a Me Bath Pedicure and Manicure every month but I’ll probably write more about them in detail in my next post.  


Bounce Salon and Spa Whitefield Bangalore Review -27

Overall I had an amazing session in Bounce Whitefield (as always) and if you are from Bangalore and you go to Bounce, I suggest you try the other outlets too. Having gone to Bounce Lavelle Road for so many years, I was a bit skeptical to go to the other outlets but I see now how every outlet has a team of talents!

Hope you enjoyed this entry!


Nilu Yuleena.


  • What a place to get pampered! Looks awesome, sis! Congratulations on being Bounce’ ambassador. You’re an inspiration and I’m so happy for you! 🙂 xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  • Great post, amazing pictures as well, I love your blog, thank you for sharing!!!


  • Wow, that is so awesome Nilu! Congratulations!!

  • Johanna

    Looks like a great place to get pampered Nilu, I have to visit Bounce one of this days, specially to see your gorgeous pic up there.
    Lots of love as usual doll,

    Johanna ♡

  • Gosh Nilu, this looks like such a great place… It’s so awesome that your picture is up there for all to see… you look great xox

    I love both colors you chose for your nails… I adore blue and wow to the silver… beautiful xox