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Lace and Frills


This is a look that I loved creating. Probably because I’ve never carried myself this way before. Wearing a bustier, showing off more skin than I probably do, finally able to braid my hair is something that I haven’t done much on my previous posts. Having said that, experimenting always makes me feel good. But ...

13 reasons why you should shop from ONLY’s sale


It is sale season finally and at the moment we are having some of the biggest sales that we get to experience sometimes once in the year. It is called the EORS for a reason – It is the End of Reason after all.

I’ve seen prices slashed so much over the last couple of days that I keep flipping tabs between my bank account balance trying to find reason why I should not be tempted but then I find so many reasons why I should get the items when they are on sale. And so I write this post on 13 reasons out of many as to why I’m tempted to buy the ONLY EORS that has started already and is going on till the 26th!

LG G6 – See More Hold Less


Life’s Good when we have a handheld device that makes things so much easier in life. I’m having my fair share of the better life when I got my hands on the new LG G6 and I’ll tell you why here. To begin with, I have tiny hands and feet. I’m a petite after all but ...




  Did I write before that I used to be a tomboy? I probably did like in 30% of my post. I did change my style over the years and started wearing a lot of dresses and skirts but I think there is a core part of you that never changes. A part of you that, ...