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Im a victim of a Hyper-pigmentation issue called Melasma. Many may know about this condition, many may not. Melasma is a severe form of pigmentation, which starts from the innermost layer of your skin. Such rigid and wicked form of skin condition it is, that for pale skinned people like me, it reminds me of a dalmation everytime I look at my makeup less reflection in the mirror. I always use makeup and I know everyone has noticed. For I get comments from some people on social media saying I have too much makeup. My melasma issue stemmed up when I was 18. I’m pale skinned and I believe most of the people in my place have this issue. Maybe its in our genes. While some are lucky to have a spotless face, I unfortunately do not fall into that category. And I use a lot of concealer to conceal that, for the imperfection makes me feel very ugly. I know its a negative feeling and I shouldn’t be promoting negativity. However, I feel like writing something that is my weakness. And while many like concealing their weaknesses, I for one, want to tackle it from the root and make my weakness my strength eventually. I know it sounds pretty funny that I write this.
I’ve been fighting my Melasma for years. If there is one thing that I hate, that would be showing my makeup less face to the world. I’m very very conscious and for a reason. I used to be spotless in the face once upon a time, and I think to an extent I was the envy of many teenagers of my age then, because I never even got pimples! But by the time I turned 18, I started getting patches of dark spots which I assumed was the result of me smoking and before I could do anything about it, the spots multiplied across my cheekbones with a vengeance. It is so horribly dark and multiplied so rapidly that at one point of time I didn’t even want to go out of my house. I hated my appearance and I was miserable. I was still young to the concept of applying makeup and I’ve written multiple times that since I used to be a tomboy, makeup never really appealed to me. To be honest, I still prefer to go with a makeup-less face for my skin texture (as they tell me in the spa) is really good.  Besides the spots, I still don’t pimples, have a good skin texture and it still looks dewy. Anyone who has seen me without makeup wishes if only I didn’t have the spots but then they don’t know how many times I might have said it to myself.
The appearance of the pigmentation has made me so terribly conscious that after I started blogging, almost barely anyone saw/ see me without makeup. It scares me, the thought of showing the pigmentation, which looks like ugly black splotches against my face and it makes me feel horrible. To be really honest, even Sanglyan first saw my makeup less face after almost one year of working together with me. I revealed to him how pathetic I felt, how I wished I could just erase off those spots. If there is one weakness in me, this imperfection would be the only one. Besides him only a few people like Ashish and Pieter have actually seen me without makeup. While I didn’t have any option but to remove my makeup when Ashish, Sanglyan and I were working all day and night on one project, Pieter on the other hand insisted on seeing me without makeup and then reacted as if I looked no different. I think he does a good job at hiding his reaction or either ways he didn’t really care.  And trust me it wasn’t easy, walking around the middle of the city, totally stripped of makeup for the very first time after what seemed like a decade. But I kept telling myself, this is who I am, what I am, but deep down I couldn’t be convinced. I wanted to slather that concealer, I wanted to cover that hideousness with a foundation. The fact that I’m writing this all today, makes me nervous again but I think my job is to be original, as I am. It will take me time, a lot of time when I may start posting blogposts without makeup and this is a start. 
Now, this brings me back to mention the topic at hand and now I write all this because I believe the days I will hide my imperfections forever are drawing to a close. At Bounce where I get all my pampering done, I was recommended to change my monthly facial treatment and try Comfort Zone, a skin care brand from Italy. I’ve tried Comfort Zone Body Spa several times in the past but I’d never tried the facials before as I was afraid to test too many things on my face. One day I got a call from Divya who heads Comfort Zone India, after she had heard of my condition.  I was very reluctant to try anything new, but after a couple of calls with her, I came to know she too had pigmentation issue and coming from someone who understood my issue all too well, I decided to change my facial brand to give Comfort Zone facial a try. And Divya insisted I try the home care too and I did. I would do anything to get rid of this pigmentation except chemical peeling. I wouldn’t really go so far to subject myself to laser beams. But I’m okay with facials and I’m happy Comfort Zone is mostly Organic. And I write this, three weeks after I tried the first Comfort Zone facial and continuous home treatment since that day.


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Conclusion? My spots have visibly reduced and now I see hope. For the first time in years, I’m hopeful. Hopeful I may be able to walk out anywhere without that concealer and foundation that I apply everyday. Hopeful that my skin looks supple and healthy without that black ugly spot even after I remove my makeup.

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Let me document my Comfort Zone facial treatment now. So after discussing my skin issue with Divya at length and after carefully discussing my allergies and sensitivity with the experts in Bounce Indiranagar, we started the treatment with the traditional Tranquility Blend. After that the Duo Cleanser , Face Renewer, Neutralizer, Massage Cream, Juvenate Pro Booster  and Hydra Pro Cream gel was applied. The treatment made my skin smooth and I even got home with me the Absolute Pearl tester set that includes a Cleansing Milk, a toning gel, night serum, Absolute Pearl cream and dark spot corrector to continue the home treatment and see if it works. Now during the facial, an exfoliate, which is the Acid Preparation in the picture above, is used which penetrates the skin layers to combat the pigmentation. You can feel the slight stinging, similar to applying lemon on your face. Well, I’ve tried home remedies for removing the dark spots and applying the lemon juice was one of it. After some minutes, the acid preparation is removed with a neutraliser which removes the stinging sensation and I think it tones the skin. The good thing about Comfort Zone, from what I’ve heard is that, there has been nil reaction on the skin. My skin is extremely sensitive and though I was a little scared when my skin started stinging, I got no allergic reaction to the treatment. And I was told it would sting prior to the application so I was expecting it.  

bighairloudmouth-pigmentation treatment - Comfort Zone skincare - Bangalore -13Now the thing is, the corrector to me, does the same effect – it stings slightly when I apply it hence I’ve started using the Absolute Pearl corrector and the Absolute Pearl cream twice a day. In the morning with a sunscreen and just the two products in the night. I was also using the samples I’ve mentioned earlier and I’ve still got some of the night serum products left that I’ve been using religiously every night. Now after three weeks, the reduction in the colouration of the dark spots is noticeably visible. In comparison to the almost black spots that I could see before, I now see a lighter brown spot in its place in just three weeks of taking care of my skin. And I have to let you know how happy that makes me feel. I’d almost given hope of ever seeing the dark spots go, but to see a change when I was least expecting it, I’m very hopeful. And I’m going to continue this facial session every month and will continue with my home treatment until I get these dark spots banished forever.

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Comfort Zone facials is available in Bounce and Oryza Bangalore now at a discounted 20% off rate!

Read about Comfort Zone [ Absolute Pearl ] here 

The Good news is that there is an offer on all Comfort Zone products (25% off retail price) and facials (20% off) this month at Bounce and Oryza salons.

I hope you find this entry hopeful and if you suffer from pigmentation as I do, I suggest you give this treatment a try as I did. 


Nilu Yuleena

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  • Hey Neelu,
    I have acne prone skin and I always struggle with the acne scars that are left behind every now and then. I totally get you that skin issues can have a huge impact on self-confidence. I am glad that you have found treatment that is helping you well, I will certainly try out the products you mentioned if I can get my hands on them 🙂

  • Nilu, I’m so happy you have found something that is lightening your spots and giving you more self confidence. I know how you feel, I have large visible scars that always made me feel unattractive. I’ve come to terms with it, it just takes time. You are beautiful Nilu ♡