A day in GUCCI


A day of my life in Gucci.

I love the sound of that. This post is something that I couldn’t dare dream of some months ago and even as I write this, at 10.30 pm in the night ( I could have posted earlier), I’m so nervous and kept editing the alignment of the images. I don’t know what makes me feel like this but presenting to you the version of me, decked from head to toe in Gucci – the brand I love the most in the world, makes me feel vulnerable, makes me lose the sense of confidence I have gained in 5 years of creating content. Gives me butterflies in my stomach. It almost reminds me of the time I went on my first date. Would you like what I’ve done with the Gucci Cruise 18 collection or would  you think I could have done better?

This project means so much to me and for some of you who has known me for sometime, you might already be aware of my obsession with Gucci. When I finally got my hands on these outfit sets, I wanted to do so much – to project them to you just the way I love them. I might have gone overboard with the wigs and hair extensions but let me write that this blogpost projects and captures the excitement, the nervousness, the ecstasy I felt while wearing them. I wanted to portray every version of me, a Brunette Bob haired version of me, the long haired version of me and the current me that had yearned to do something in association with Gucci for years and I wanted to bring out all of me while creating content for this post. So now you probably got a gist of how much this post means to me.

To start my day in Gucci, I decided to start with this set. I love the relaxed feel of this outfit.And I love how the trademark Stripes brings so much life to look. I opted to change my look here primarily because I wanted variety. And this is a former look I used to sport three years ago. Romi, who does my hair and makeup frequently is an expert in transforming me and it was her who decided on my entire hair and makeup look for these images. I love how Romi has changed the makeup technique here to make me look different than how I usually look. I think her work is fabulous and she had full control over my appearance on the day of the shoot. But I didn’t want to wear these clothes just for the shoots. I wanted to feel them, experience them so we could capture them in varying stages of my day. We wanted to break the idea that Gucci is only for formal events and I want to show how we can incorporate the outfits in our daily wear even! So this entire shoot features me in various collection pieces from the Gucci Cruise 18 collection, shooting in the streets as I always do.

I call my second look the Formal Version of me. The ladylike version of me to be precise. I chose to feature this look as my second outfit because 1. It is in stark contrast to my first look. 2. It captures how my day goes everyday. After a relaxed morning, it is always a busy day. As I wrote earlier, I wanted to bring out the version of me that had always wanted to walk the streets in Gucci and for this look, I brought out the former look of me before I had my hair chopped. I think in a way, I was paying tribute to my older versions that has enabled me to be who I am today. Like dressing them all in a brand so dear, which I wasn’t able to dress myself in years ago. Like I wrote, this post holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I feel so honoured to be allowed to feature this collection, that I felt I should re-enact my old selves that dreamt for this day to come. I don’t even need to write how much I love these clothes. My adoration must be pretty apparent by now.

My third afternoon look is more sassy and the current version of me. Tousled hair, colourful, slogan t-shirt that’s how I dress lately isn’t it? On another note, I’m absolutely in love with the pearl knuckle rings from the collection because it has cats in them. This is one look that I think anyone with varied style preferences can carry off any-day, any-time. If I’m to write about how I felt in this look – I think I felt absolutely fantastic – I looked casual but the feeling of wearing Gucci is something else. I could even write I was secretly gloating as I felt so good!



And my last look is that version of me that likes going extra. I love anything that’s bright and that which shines. I had to save this outfit for my last look considering how beautifully the crystals, in this outfit, reflected the light. We decided to capture this outfit in both day and night light as this one set literally took my breath away when I first tried it. This outfit to me, is a look for someone who isn’t afraid to experiment, a look for someone who feels fabulous through and through. I absolutely loved this shirt and skirt set. Including the heels. And the belt that I used as a headband. Everything! I could wear this look for days without changing and not be tired of it. That’s just how beautiful this outfit is.



I hope you liked the looks I put together and that you can now comprehend why I have styled them this way. Thank you so much Gucci Team for giving me this wonderful opportunity which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you my TeamBHLM for your support and patience that has enabled me to live this dream. Thank You Romi for tirelessly changing my looks for me throughout the day. Thank you everyone for seeing this post today.


GUCCI Cruise 2018

Photography: Lal Sanglyan

Video: Pradyun P. Thapa

Hair and Makeup: Romi Thokchom



Have an amazing day!


Nilu Yuleena.

  • Anusha Kondapaturi

    I am in love with all the GUCCI outfits! <3

  • The last dress is my absolute favorite!

  • Pri

    Extremely well thought of.
    Done justice or Gucci.

  • Sushie Rya

    This look is on a different level,I am in love with all the looks which u have carried from hairstyle to shoes its just perfeeeect!..u are really a role model to all the girls who chooses to dream big!!

  • Amit Kumar

    OMG Nilu, your surely had an amazing day in Gucci and totally loved all 4 looks esp how you styled your hairdo for each look (incl bighair 🙊), and have to say my fav was the Sassy Guccification Girl 😍 it’s so you!

  • Charuta Arvind Yadav

    Nilu this is such a positive post and the last look has to be my favourite. You totally did justice to each outfit and being obsessed with everything Gucci myself, I can only imagine how surreal and beautiful this must have felt. This is such an inspiring post and you absolutely look like a Guccy gurl.

    Loads of love

  • Amazing look! Wonderful