13 reasons why you should shop from ONLY’s sale


It’s sale season finally and at this moment, we are having some of the biggest sales which we get to experience once in the year. It is called the EORS and for a reason – It is the End of Reason after all.

I’ve seen prices slashed so much over the last couple of days that I keep flipping tabs between my bank account balance trying to find reason why I should not be tempted but then I also find so many reasons as to why I should get the items when they are on sale. And so I write this post on 13 reasons out of many as to why I’m tempted to buy the ONLY EORS that has started already and is going on till the 26th!





Reason 1:

ONLY denims have the perfect fit and they are pretty unique from the denims we see from most brands. I’m a petite 5’1 which means a new denim purchase has me running to the tailor for a length alteration. Do I face the problem with ONLY? Never. Else I would never have been able to style this denim like how I have been wearing here.


Reason 2:

Comfort. Non-shoot days usually finds me wearing my favourite joggers. Because I love comfort wear when I’m not shooting. That means I ditch the heels, I ditch the dresses and wear joggers with flats 99% of the time. Besides I find them super convenient for the things I do during my off days. That is, sourcing new garments, scouting locations for future shoots and shopping items that I feel I require for my upcoming shoot. And while joggers don’t really look chic all the time ( you get the gist) I love how comfortable these ONLY denims are. I can squat, I can fold my legs without the feel of the fabric stretching across my knees. So what I’m trying to write is, the ONLY denims besides having a skinny fit are very very comfortable.


Reason 3:

The variety in styles and colours. You need to go to the ONLY store to find out what I’m talking about. I always get torn between two/ three jeans when I go to the store. That is because I either love the shades, or the style or the rip in the denims.




Reason 4:

The style are always trendy. For instance this beverage top is my absolute favourite when I’m hanging out with friends trying to get my hands on every piece of fries and coke.




Reason 5:

Pricing. I find the ONLY products are reasonably priced always and I believe we get more for what we pay.


Reason 6:

ONLY always has new collections may it be Disney or Party or Havana which always have something very different than what you already have. Or what you’re tired of seeing in all the stores.

Reason 7:

Have you checked the ONLY accessories? They have some of the coolest accessories too which are pretty unique! I got myself a pair of bee ear studs that I absolutely love! And they are about the only ear studs that I ever wear.

Reason 8:

You can always gift ONLY items ( now on sale ) to friends who have always liked your style choices or the ONLY pieces you covet.




Reason 9:

I can buy multiple ONLY items without compromising on the style compared to what I would get on other International Retailers for the same budget.




Reason 10:

You find the coolest tops in ONLY. For someone who likes casual tops with a bit if quirk, my choice for casual tops always makes me go to ONLY because besides the style being basic, the prints definitely set them a notch higher.






Reason 11:

You get the cool girl vibes in the ONLY garments. Atleast I do!





Reason 12:

I’ve loved all the products I’ve got from ONLY which makes me want to get more and more from the  brand I love.


Reason 13:

Now, everything is on SALE!

  • Your photos are stunning and I love the outfits you have on. I never heard of this brand but it sounds great and I love how the items featured look!

  • I have to tell you that I cannot stop looking at all of these photos with you in the eye-catching tops and those jeans that fit you like second skin. Bee ear studs? Please wear them and show me hahah..you are just a sight in all these OOTD shots sis. I scrolled up and down so many times like a weird person. I love these pops of red you have got going on in your various outfits. I can see why ONLY is making people lose all reasons with all the 13 valid reasons you just listed! 😛 Love you sis <3

  • Sooae Lee

    Nilu, you really make red pop not the other way around. so stunning as always. I hope i dont sound creepy lol but i love your eyes they are pretty!


  • Best post I have never read! Also the pictures are wonderful!

  • We don’t have this brand here but I wish we have now because of these reasons.

  • Manjusha

    Thats a whole lot of convincing goin on😅