Down by the River


Dining in a boat, in the middle of the river. Fancy isn’t it? Well I had not expected to experience that anytime soon. Atleast not while we were planning to go to Evolve Back resorts Kabini, for our blog anniversary. This trip has been an amazing trip but then all Evolve back resorts makes you feel special I guess. Evolve Back Resorts, formerly known as Orange County Resorts has always made me feel spoiled. So whenever I want to literally break free, I plan a trip to Evolve Back resorts, just to be pampered there. Evolve Back Resorts has given me experiences I’ve not experienced in any other resorts earlier. Besides the amazing property, the hospitality is superb, the food is the tastiest and the facilities and extra curricular activities they plan for you just makes you feel like a Queen. Atleast I feel like one everytime I visit their property.

White Haze


If I write that the US trip was the best trip I've made this year, I would be hiding a secret. I'd actually gone for a little getaway during the BHLM's fifth year blog anniversary to Evolve Back Resorts in Kabini which undoubtedly was one of the best getaway I've probably had this year. I ...

Lace and Frills


This is a look that I loved creating. Probably because I’ve never carried myself this way before. Wearing a bustier, showing off more skin than I probably do, finally able to braid my hair is something that I haven’t done much on my previous posts. Having said that, experimenting always makes me feel good. But ...