This weekend I conducted a styling session in association with Max Fashions. I've stayed away from Meet and Greets, Interactive sessions for ages because I feel very awkward when I have to address a crowd. However when it comes to styling, I don't hesitate as this is one sector I personally enjoy. Understanding different styles ...



This week has been a pretty dramatic week for me. Changes in the organisational structure of BHLM, the decision to increase our team to create more and more, has honestly been a bit taxing for me. I’ve never hired an extra help to help me run BHLM in the past but I’ve been thinking I need to get rid of the mindset and add in individuals who can contribute so much more to creating variables in what we do. And it’s going to take sometime to hand over some of my responsibilities to someone I believe will be an asset to our team.

The Raw Edge


I’ve always been attracted to mean looking clothes. And by that I mean clothes that let me unravel the meaner, raw version of me. I dress according to my moods as I feel that is the best way to express myself – via my clothing. If you have been following our work for sometime, you may have realised that I go for bolder clothes always. But I wasn’t always like this.

Towards the Light


I feel so peaceful as I type this post. It has been been ages, feels like months since I last wrote a personal post and though I always a write a lot of things, just pouring my feelings into words somehow brings comfort to me.

Gili Trawangan


 Turquoise Water, White Sands, Lots of Swings, Clear water, Turtles, Snorkelling, Diving, Surfing, Late night Parties, Beer, Bicycles that’s Gili Islands for you.

After Ubud we continued our Journey to the Gili Islands – namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Since we were already towards the Northern Side of Bali, we decided to make the Gili Islands our first stop before continuing our journey to the Nusa Islands.


North Bali


Bali is beautiful. I went to Bali for an almost two week vacation with Sanglyan and while we had planned to not shoot anything during this “break” we were taking from work, I couldn’t resist the urge to not create content from this breathtakingly beautiful island. Bali had been on my travel list for more ...


Pantaloons Store Relaunch


Yesterday I attended the new revamped Pantaloons Store Launch at Phoenix Marketcity but this event is so special to my heart because I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to cut the ribbon to unveil the new store. Opportunities like this always warms my heart and since this is my first time launching ...


Bridging the Gap


  . . Number is just a digit. It doesn't represent how wise we are, it doesn't represent how old we are, it doesn't represent our worth. I say this because when I was briefed about the ONLYxDonald collection - in the stores now, I asked myself if it was stupid of me to don a Disney ...