LG G6 – See More Hold Less


Life’s Good when we have a handheld device that makes things so much easier in life. I’m having my fair share of the better life when I got my hands on the new LG G6 and I’ll tell you why here. To begin with, I have tiny hands and feet. I’m a petite after all but ...



  Did I write before that I used to be a tomboy? I probably did like in 30% of my post. I did change my style over the years and started wearing a lot of dresses and skirts but I think there is a core part of you that never changes. A part of you that, ...

Feeling Radiant


White brightens everything.

It makes me feel fresh, I feel it brightens up my look and even my mood. It was no surprise that when I saw this top on Chicwish I ordered it immediately without even a second thought even when a black variant was available when I ordered. For I always felt that if I needed a look that makes me feel radiant then a beautiful white, ruffled number would be it. It doesn’t even matter that I already have white tops with ruffles from Chicwish. This top to me was love at first sight and sometimes I plan a look in advance while ordering my clothes online and I was so happy when I received this for it was just what I expected. Even more perhaps. And since the fit is so good and it makes me feel so much better, I decided to create a softer glowy look that I’d dreamed of, while ordering this top. And while I would love to style this top with white culottes very soon –  at the moment, I’m posting a look with high waisted denims because I’m currently addicted to it.