Unicorn Tribe


I would like to start this post by expressing my deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support which I got from my last post. I will say that now I’ve been super motivated to create the kind of content I’ve always wanted to create.  I have You all to Thank for that. And I hope you ...



There is one thought that has been plaguing my mind for so long that I literally stopped doing what I thought I loved doing the most - Blogging. I’m making this post after almost a month and if you ask me if I missed it, I can’t really be sure. I can’t be sure because ...

Current Favourites


Can I write that I’m currently experiencing a moment of transition in my life where everything I’m so accustomed to, is changing? I suppose I can. Take for example, my growing hair, which at the moment, I’m facing a lot of problem with the styling, as it is neither long to tie nor short to just let it be. I can also take into account my change in weight at the moment as I always put on weight during winter. While I find this tremendously annoying, blame it on discontinuing with my regular exercise and junk eating, I can also say that my old skinny denims feels the same as I always seem to have a moment struggling to fit into them. So I tackled this issue by getting into my life this boyfriend jeans with a drawstring which I found incredibly cool from the latest collection at ONLY India and this loose shirt with tiny embroidered hearts which is really cute. I’ve realised that I find my kind of clothes in ONLY most of the time. From Graphic tees to distressed denims they always have something that I really like in their collection. I chanced upon this boyfriend denims styled on the mannequin in their store and I just knew I had to have it. I found this bottoms to be the perfect combination of two things that I love – Jogger Pants and Boyfriend Denims. And I didn’t even think twice while picking this one last week.

To the Heart


While there are several easy way to get to the heart, around V-day you can’t really say that for sure. While I’ve been making Sanglyan a “Things I want for V-day” list so he can reference those as V day comes closer, I suppose not everyone is like me. Also I was discussing V-day gifting ideas with one of my close friend who had no idea V-day was just round the corner and thanked me for reminding him. So for people like my friend and people like me who’s creating a wishlist, I collaborated with Titan to show you my personal favourites ( Ahem! Also subtly giving a hint to Sanglyan that I want them) which is great for gifting this Valentine season.

So Titan now has a e-commerce website and I’m not introducing the brand as the brand name is gigantic enough across the Indian markets. Titan houses many brands however which can now be shopped online which saves people like my friend from a huge deal of problems. And maybe even my boyfriend. However what I want to show to you today as I mentioned earlier are some of my personal choices and before you start feeling bored reading all this – I’ll just write this.

Each products I chose has a Discount code – TITANBHLM where you can avail a discount of Rs.1000 on a minimum purchase of Rs.1500. However it is not applicable on gold coins, gift vouchers and gift cards. I have a total of 25 coupons to give out so if you are interested, you can use them now.