Setting it Right


My 2018 seems to be starting like a wave. While the initial days of 2018 started with great news of upcoming work, a possibility of a small vacation with Sanglyan to prep the mind and soul, I can’t write I can type the same right now. To begin with I’m cancelling and have cancelled majority of my travels slotted for January. The reason being – My disfiguring Spine issue.

I did suffer from mild back pain for which the blame always went to my towering heels which by the way I can work comfortably in. It was not so frequent and I could handle it. I used to think that maybe the late twenties is catching up with me. But who was I kidding! My house currently doesn’t even have a single straight chair because I wanted to transform my house into a cozy space than convert it into a contemporary space. Enter Recliners and sofas with big pillows. But little did I know that not sitting straight could be so detrimental to the spine health. Last week my back pain intensified to the point I could just not lie down to sleep and once I did, the pain was so severe that I could not move my body. I thought it was again just those one of cases when I probably wore heels for a prolonged time or lifted weights in the gym with a poor posture,  but over the course of days, my pain intensified and I could no longer stand straight, twist my body, squat or bending. I felt like my spine was literally breaking and I decided it was time to consult a specialist after all. I googled spine specialists in Bangalore before deciding on the one I’m going to at the moment. I usually feel I have a high threshold for pain, considering I loved how my body ached after a good workout but this pain in particular, was horrible. 

Candy World


If I can add a kind of warning before anyone starts reading my post – I must say that this post is probably a bit hypnotic to some who doesn’t really like an overload of color.

As always I’ve gone overboard with the colors. Not in terms of saturation but in terms of everything I am at the moment to finding the perfect location to match my “candied” post. Would you believe if I tell you that this was not intentionally done? You probably won’t perhaps but by chance cafe-hopping (don’t know if its a term) near my house, looking for a place to call our lunch joint led us to discover this quaint pretty cafe. The post isn’t about the cafe ofcourse, but I haven’t written in so long that I must admit, I missed it! And while I have piles of photos to be converted into a blogpost, chances are you’ll see varied shades of my hair in the upcoming posts as I have had so many hair color changes in the time I have been creating blogpost content but I was a bit out of time to update my posts.

A day in GUCCI


A day of my life in Gucci.

I love the sound of that. This post is something that I couldn’t dare dream of some months ago and even as I write this, at 10.30 pm in the night ( I could have posted earlier), I’m so nervous and kept editing the alignment of the images. I don’t know what makes me feel like this but presenting to you the version of me, decked from head to toe in Gucci – the brand I love the most in the world, makes me feel vulnerable, makes me lose the sense of confidence I have gained in 5 years of creating content. Gives me butterflies in my stomach. It almost reminds me of the time I went on my first date. Would you like what I’ve done with the Gucci Cruise 18 collection or would  you think I could have done better?


BBLUNT Full on Volume Range


If you have noticed, I always have frizzy looking voluminous hair. It isn’t that my hair has so much volume and texture, it’s just that I use styling products to add volume to my hair. So I was introduced to the BBLUNT Full on Volume Range and I decided to give it a shot. I ...




This weekend I conducted a styling session in association with Max Fashions. I've stayed away from Meet and Greets, Interactive sessions for ages because I feel very awkward when I have to address a crowd. However when it comes to styling, I don't hesitate as this is one sector I personally enjoy. Understanding different styles ...




This week has been a pretty dramatic week for me. Changes in the organisational structure of BHLM, the decision to increase our team to create more and more, has honestly been a bit taxing for me. I’ve never hired an extra help to help me run BHLM in the past but I’ve been thinking I need to get rid of the mindset and add in individuals who can contribute so much more to creating variables in what we do. And it’s going to take sometime to hand over some of my responsibilities to someone I believe will be an asset to our team.


The Raw Edge


I’ve always been attracted to mean looking clothes. And by that I mean clothes that let me unravel the meaner, raw version of me. I dress according to my moods as I feel that is the best way to express myself – via my clothing. If you have been following our work for sometime, you may have realised that I go for bolder clothes always. But I wasn’t always like this.