A post that shows all my passion combined. That’s exactly how I would describe this post. Content creation is the best thing that I have ever chosen to do in my life. It gives me such immense pleasure working on a post content, while also leaving me with goosebumps everytime I publish a post, to check how everyone would react to my post – which I also call a presentation of my work.

Denimize The World Version 2.0


What do we look for in a Good Denim?

Almost sounds like a SEO query but believe me this post has nothing of that kind that will bring my blogpost to the top of the search results. However it does give certain insights on what I look for in a good denim.

  1. Good fit.
  2. Comfort.

You may have noticed how long I’ve been wearing the ONLY denims and I’m so proud to present to you my version of Denimize the World ( Version 2.0) that I named myself, because this post marks the second year that I’m able to project my styling on Denim on Denim through my posts, featuring ONLY India.

Power House


In this space and time, I have come to the conclusion that wearing a hoodie or a top that reads Girl Power isn’t enough to lead people to believe that you have actually achieved something. Slogan tops are something that anyone can wear but to truly project your growth and development along the years, your dressing plays a mandatory role.
I will never attend a work related event in a slogan top that reads Girl power or something similar (you get the gist). For I want to dress according to how much I feel I have grown. And its not only me that feels like that. I’ve seen men start businesses from the scratch and later have an Armani suit hanging on their wardrobe that apparently makes them proud of their achievement so why can’t a woman do the same?

Summer Plans


This look has been a very planned one. Ironically from the time I tried them both in the trial room. I have the habit of shopping online so much that I get really confused when it comes to trying to many things that I see and feel in front of me. I guess that’s what you get for getting cooped up in front of the system for hours, with multitudes of clothing websites opened in front of you. And there is seldom anything that I like when I actually try the clothes on the trial room! I either don’t like the color, the fit or just how I look in something that looks super nice on a mannequin. I guess since I can be choosy on stores, my mind decides to be very obstinate.